How PHP is making the world a better place

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Hyper Preprocessor this is the acronym of PHP and considered to be one of the most popularly used scripting languages by the developers of this generation. It is an open source platform which is used for web development predominantly and the HTML code can be embedded with the PHP script to increase the performance of the website invariably.

This scripting language can be used to build dynamic web pages and has been integrated with the well-known databases like Mysql, Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL and a few more. The main purpose of using this particular scripting language is to create the best personal home pages for the websites.

Why PHP?
PHP is considered for server-side programming language as well and there are multiple reasons why one should be using PHP for their web development. The best part of this language is that it is cost-effective as there are no licensing fees for the language. There is another factor is that the PHP can have a wonderful interaction with various kinds of databases.

This is one of the main reasons why it is easy to set up a website with the help of PHP. Apart from that the language also possesses online documentation along with a good and precise framework of functions set right in the place. And this will help the language to be relatively easy to learn and has a good support on the web as well.

How PHP works?
It is clear that PHP is the best language to be used for web development and applications, as it is robust, safe, secure and versatile. Now, it is the time that we have gained an insight into how this programming language actually works. This particular software works with the web servers, which in turn delivers the web pages to the world.

A request for a file is sent through the web server and the server happens to run PHP and that returns an HTML page to the front and the PHP statements get processed by the software even before responding to the request. When the statements are being processed it is said that only the server sends his organization information on the screen.

And all the PHP statements are said to be embedded with the HTML script using the Tag and the browser interprets the code as HTML code and displays the information in the website.

PHP & Web Development
One of the undeniable facts is that this language has gained a tremendous amount of popularity for its versatile character to build exceptional websites. Anyone who is looking for different ways to create a web-based application at a low cost can simply use PHP and make the best out of it.

PHP cannot only produce dynamic websites but it can also create a real-time web-based application with an excellent and seamless user interface for providing an excellent and extraordinary user experience.

  • PHP is a server-side scripting language can be used to develop dynamic web pages with dynamic content as well.
  • Apart from this fact, the PHP scripting can be also used client-side scripting for GUI applications.
  • It takes the code as an input and provides the relevant web pages of the website in a dynamic manner.

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