What’s So Trendy About Node.js That Everyone
Went Crazy Over It?

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Web applications have been trendy on the Internet for over a decade now and there has been a huge amount of transition taking place. There have been various kinds of scripting languages and programming languages used to for the development of the websites for the people to have an access to the information that they are searching for over the Internet.

Node JS ~ the trending sensation
In the recent past, it is a fact that Node JS has been the most trending language in web development. The things, which can be performed on the web using JavaScript running on the server and browser in this generation, were considered to be impossible a few years. This clearly explains the impact JavaScript has over the web and the way the developers have been using it in a prolific way.

In simple words Node.js can be described as an open-source, JavaScript runs- time environment, which is used to execute the JS code on the server side. The creator of Node.js Ryan Dahl stated that he was aiming to create real-time websites with the ability to push. He provided the developers with a tool to work in non-blocking, event-driven I/O paradigm.

Robust & Secure
The main goal here is to use the tool in such a way that it can help to maintain the data-intensive real-time applications that will run across distributed devices. Node.js is not something, which will completely alter the ways the world of web development. Instead, it is a specific platform, which has been designed to meet the particular requirements of the web.

How Node.js works under the hood seems to be quite interesting? Comparing the conventional techniques of web serving where each connection creates a new thread, which occupies the space in RAM and eventually makes out at the remaining RAM available. On the flip side, we can see that Node.js operates on a single-thread, which uses non-blocking I/O calls, which allows it to handle tens of thousands of concurrent connections.

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NPM: Node Package Manager
Node.js has a built-in support for package management by using the NPM tool, which is by default available with the Node.js installation. It is a set of publicly available reusable components with the installation through an online repository along with the version and dependency management.

The list of packaged modules is made available on the npm website and it can be accessed through the CLI tool which is automatically installed with Node.js. And the best part is that the module ecosystem is available to all where the users can publish their own module, which will be in the npm repository.

Where can Node.js be used?
Node.js along with Express.js can be used to build explicit web applications on the server side. The paradigm in which the Node.js is used to render the HTML doesn’t seem to be the typical use case. There are certain aspects, which need to be considered if the application doesn’t possess an intensive CPU computation.

In that case, it can be built with JavaScript top-to-bottom and even down to the database level if there is the usage of JSON storage with Object DB like MongoDB, which will ease out the development at a greater extent.

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