What is Car rental software

Car rental software is one which is capable of all the necessary subjects in order to manage the overall ratings. The main goal of the software is to automate the daily operations and also to prevent the mistakes etc. This gigantic software has created the interface in such a manner that the interface is sleek and also it is easy to navigate at the same time. The rental software is easy to deploy and also it is self-explanatory one. There are several important features in these car rentals software such as fleet utilization, online payment, rate management etc.

What are the advantages of using car rental software

There are several advantages of using the car rental software such as enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency, getting rid of the paperwork, prevention of errors due to the lost papers etc. With aid of car rental software, one can manage the Fleet, Rental agreements, Reports, Customers, Planner, and Agents etc. The recent highlighting features are reservations on the website and payment processing in the software. There are several factors to be taken into mind before buying car rental software. Initially, make sure that the software is easy to use and also it is better to make an evaluation if the Car Rental Software fits the budget value.

Are you looking for a turnkey solution to launch a gigantic app like Cardotz? Here you can find the appropriate option for you to launch an app similar to that of the other car rental software. Here the scripts are 100% customizable one and it is one of the best car rental software and it satisfies all the expectations of the folks.

Website integration

With the Cardotz, the website is the essential part of the booking process and the interface is designed in such a manner that you can control a list of different features. There are many advanced options available directly from the control panel such as manage rates, opening hours, and additional fees etc.

Electronic Signatures

Cardotz provides a unique feature which is known to be an electronic signature which provides greater convenience for the customers to sign the rental agreement before they pick up the vehicle.

GPS Tracking

Cardotz’s GPS tracking system helps you to track the process of the fleet in an efficient manner. You can view the current location and the historical details of the hired vehicles. Additional information is also available such as speed, battery voyage, and ignition status etc.

Connect with your customers

Here, the folks can make the bookings from the website in an efficient manner. The web integration provides the bookings and confirmations immediately; the customers will be able to notice the difference.

Manage Bookings

As soon as the folks enquire on the website from their Smartphone or laptop Cardotz starts manages the bookings. The main function of this feature is to simplify and manage all the business process in order to ensure the fleet efficiencies.

Vehicle management and servicing

This feature is one of the major reasons for the success of any rental business. The folks can build the user-defined vehicle details subjected to the specialized fleets and also can make sample models for the simple fleet configurations.


Here, there are two types of reporting such as Daily Reporting and Monthly Reporting. Daily Reporting provides clear and timely data on the other side of the flip Monthly Reporting provides data about the graphical representation.

System security

Cardotz’s system allows the folks to change and enhance the features at any time. In case to enhance the new sales brands, enable the weekend rates and change the rental agreements etc all the details are available from the System Setup menus.

Software integration

Cardotz provides a simple programming interface for the Agents and web developers in order to access the data required to create the bookings for the vehicles.

Vehicle Inspection Form

This feature streamlines the process of inspection of vehicles and Cardotz allows the customization of the Vehicle Inspection Form in an efficient manner. The folks can eliminate and eliminate own checks to the inspection checklist at any time.

Split workflow

Split workflow is a unique feature where the elimination takes place from the Maximization to the minimization of the unnecessary phone calls, the reservation engine enhances the productivity of the company.

Save Time

Complete the reservation process in just less than a minute by using the smart auto-fill and user-friendly design options; thus the time is saved efficiently.


This feature is for you can have to use your credit cards and debit cards to make any kind of payments for the trips that have been made by the rider.


Reservation Kiosks

The folks can use the option of reservation engine in order to make the reservation on their own.


Rental agreement

Here the terms and conditions are mentioned such as rental start date, rental location, rental team and rental location etc in accordance with the unique methods prescribed.


SMS Integration

Cardotz is integrated with the Short Message service in order to easily integrate with any system in an efficient manner.


Inventory Management

Each and every data is tracked of every unit with the powerful inventory control software.


Vehicle health monitor

This feature keeps on tabbing your engine health with the real-time alerts in an efficient manner.


Cloud Service

Cardotz has integrated cloud service for ease of use, a wealth of features, performance including the management of car rental operations.


Real-time availability board

The Real-time availability board monitors the overall inventory availability of subjected items in a better manner.


Booking scheduler

Here, the booking scheduler helps to schedule and promote the business to the folks and also reduce the work of an admin.



The stats data such as facts, figures, and trends along with the charts are provided here in order to identify the revenue data.


Fast and Easy Use

This feature provides an easy access to the data quickly and efficiently.


Invoicing & Payments

The folks can be able to make the payments for the terms of outstanding balance shown on the invoice.


API for Developers

The Application Programming Interface is a specialized solution which provides advance booking for the folks who plan for the trips well in advance.


Periodic Maintenance

This feature keeps track of the regular and periodical vehicle maintenances and maintains all the records of vehicle status and repairs.


Franchise Management

Here a list of different franchise level users with different accessibility options is maintained.


Limitless Rates

You can have limitless rates and at the same time editing can be done easily on the agreement page.


Quick Dashboard

The folks can track the reservations and all the information about the vehicles. On the homepage, one has a quick glance at the rental status, alerts, and sales etc.


Upload ID proofs (license/passport)

It is mandatory to upload the ID proofs for the drivers such as license and passports so that to avoid the critical situation in future.


Promotional Email marketing

The marketing can be done promotionally through the emails and the SMS in an efficient manner so that it reaches the people in a shorter period of time.


Unlimited Notes

There are several unlimited note apps so that the important details can be noted and referred by the admin at any time.


Client History

The client details are maintained perfectly in the databases so that if needed it can be referred in the future.


Car Rent Planner

This feature allows you to view the entire budget at a glance so that the assessment of cash flow is carried in a smooth manner.


Traffic Fines Management

Here the traffic fines are generated for the future reference and the folks can manage several activities effectively.


Quick Books Integration

Cardotz has a direct integration with the QuickBooks in order to save the time by eliminating the manual inputs.


Unlimited Vehicles

Here the vehicles are on the unlimited count and the Cardotz is at its best service in car rental.


Vehicle Utilization Graph

This feature tracks whether the vehicles are utilized throughout the entire shift and determination is also done successfully at its best.


Picture ID Scanning

This feature is mainly for the procurement of the driver’s license information captured which also includes the photo.


Tax and Surcharges Calculations

This feature includes the tax and surcharges calculation for the different categories including the current rates.

Agent and Commission Feature

Here several travel agents are included and also excluded based on same protocols and the travel agencies also earn the commission amount.

Daily Rate/ Weekly Rate/ Monthly Rate

The rate is based on the monthly, weekly and also daily travel based on several terms and protocols including the destination place the amount are calculated.

Season rate/VIP Rate

The rate is based on the season and also discounts are included during the special occasions; the same frame is suitable for the VIPs.

Mileage Rate/ Hourly Rate

The rate is calculated for the mileage and the hour based on the reasonable one taking in mind for the customer’s convenience.

Registration and license renewal

Both the registration and the license are renewed annually initially by the payment of a fee.

Monthly rate Adjustments

The rate can be adjusted accordingly for the monthly basis and for the privileged, regular customers more considerations are taken.

Discounted day Rates

The discount rates are given during the festival times; special events etc and the folks can make use of it especially for the longer destination.

Fuel Management

Here the card lock systems, management software, and the tan gauges are tested to work together in order to keep the vehicles driving profits.

Arrival and Departure Flight Details

This feature provides all the information regarding the arrival and departure so that the folks come to know all the minute details.

Fuel purchase software

Cardotz is integrated with the Fuel purchase software for the user’s convenience.


Check-in and Check-out Procedure

Once the registration is over all the details including the check-in and checkout procedure is carried on in the car rental.


Data Backup and Restore

This feature is the most important one, here all the confidential data are stored securely and in case if any emergencies it can be checked; if any data is deleted it can be restored once again.


Damage Control

With the aid of this feature, the folks can bookmark the scratches such as dents or the missing parts.


Remote Start

Cardotz feature is integrated with the Remote Start Feature in order to verify and maintain the battery integrity.


Group Booking

You can share the travel plan so that the folks can join for the split fare.


Alarm siren

Here alarm siren is used as the powerful deterrent which is used at the first few critical moments..


Shock sensor

Here the advanced alarm systems mostly depend on the shock sensors in order to detect the thieves.


Micro SD memory card

Here, the card slot is used in order to upgrade the software and also the GPS is inbuilt in it.

Profit and Loss Statements

This feature lists all the details regarding the profit amount and regarding loss, the statements can be taken if needed at any time.

Customer Relation Management

Here, each and every customer is provided with a unique identification key and tracking of the customer contacts and the details are also possible.

Automate price quotation

In this feature, the price quotation is generated automatically not at the higher one or lower one; at the rate of reasonable one.

Late fee charges

Here a fine amount is filed in case of for not paying the bill or at the times of returning the rented.

Loyalty programs

This feature encourages the folks when they frequently book for the travels and some incentive amount is also provided.

Multi-currency support

This feature supports multiple currencies from different countries in the terms of opportunities, forecasts, quotes, reports and the other data.

Prevent bottlenecks

The subjected software is embedded with the Cardotz in order to have a simple component of your car rental service in a reliable manner and thus prevent the bottlenecks.

Prevent resource waste

Here, several programs are established that collect the end-of-vehicles directly from the customers and thus prevent the resource waste.

Insurance renewal

Cardotz offers a list of the vehicle insurance plans in online for the optimum coverage and at the same time, it can be renewed.

Police cases Tracking

With the aid of GPS Tracking device in the car, the tracking can be done in case of any theft.

Track and monitor damages

Here the time-stamped records of the vehicles are provided at the time of check-in and checkout in order to track and monitor the damages.

No of Accidents

Have liability coverage for the accidents that might take place with your car rental.