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We at Casperon have designed fundraising tools that help the non-profit organizations to meet with potential donors who can economically help them in promoting their ideas and vision towards creating a better future.

Non-profit organizations of any size can expand their fundraising efforts to next level by using the latest technologies. We have different types of plans that focus on various different methods of campaigns that will help the organizations to reach out the donors. The software package comprises of different aspects like the use of the backup analytics to make better decision, raise more funds, accountability and management, identification of efficient prospects and other things.

The online system makes it easy for the organizations to connect with the donors, raise funds, manage the donations and creates a secure network to transfer the funds through online facility and etc. Use our software tool to experiment different fundraising strategies that will help in reaching out to more donors and thereby moving to the next level.

Fundraising Software

Fundraising Software as a Tool for Gathering the Right Information from Your Contacts

Fundraising software has become more than just a set of software tools for accepting donations. Also available for mobile platforms, this type of software allows you to create powerful fundraising campaigns and gather valuable information from your contacts, donors, volunteers and other constituents with ease.

As a non-profit organization, you need the best and most affordable solutions out there to make your fundraising efforts count. This is why many types of software solutions for the facilitation of fundraising campaigns are made very affordable, or even free of charge.

Some are open source, but regardless of the platforms they were built on, they have many powerful features you can benefit from

A quick and seamless installation process, backed up by powerful updates.

Easy to use interfaces that eliminate the need for advanced knowledge and technical skills in utilizing the software for any of your goals;

Straightforward management and tracking of all your data and donor information.

Integrated online and mobile fundraising capabilities and the ability to keep up with the latest donating trends;

The ability to accept donations from multiple donors.

Powerful analytics tools to help you shape the way your fundraising campaigns reach people and get accurate feedback from those interested in your efforts.

As you can see, there is a lot more to fundraising software than meets the eye, and if you want the best possible results with your donation campaigns, the best course of action would be to implement one of these software solutions, and go through the simple training process required for learning how to use them.

Introducing Fundau: The Ultimate Fundraising Software for Non Profit Organizations

Fundraising software has been placed under the spotlight to an increasing extent in the past few years, as non-profits and other organizations in need of improved solutions for accepting online donation have voiced their demand for reliable software applications that would allow them to do that with ease.

Fundau is a powerful, unencrypted, easy to use and highly customizable fundraising software solution offered by Casperon Technologies. The software was designed to fit the needs of any non-profit organization or humanitarian institution that requires the use of high end donation software and applications for tracking donation data.

The Main Advantages Provided by Fundraising Software

One of the clearest advantages made available by high quality fundraising software applications such as Fundau is that they facilitate digitally provided donations and keep track of donation data so you don’t have to.

This effectively cuts your expenses and effort spent on managing donations coming from people outside your town, state, or even from foreign countries. Also, with the software’s easy to use interface, you don’t have to worry about the possibility that lacking technical knowledge might hinder your fundraising efforts.

Another great advantage associated with this type of software has to do with communicating with and receiving better feedback from constituents, thus allowing you to make more informed decisions regarding any plans involved with adjusting, changing or replacing your fundraising campaigns using new methods or reinstating abandoned ones.

Analysis, segmentation and powerful reporting capabilities are inherent in most of the best developed fundraising software applications. Whether you are more interested in an intricate campaign that will show concrete beneficial results after some time, or you want to use a strategy that will quickly lead to a positive outcome, you will have the tools you need at your disposal.

Also, many fundraising software solutions have been developed by people who know all about non-profit organizations, and they are designed not only to reduce the costs of managing donations, communication and reporting, but also to make online one-time and recurring donations, as well as gift tracking, contribution receipts and raising awareness about certain fundraising events a lot easier than ever before.

Software Related Challenges Non-Profits Encounter

Of course, while fundraising software may make your life easier, not all software is made the same and not all organizations are capable of adapting their activities to the use of these types of software.

As a result, numerous challenges appear, and in many cases, fundraising events and ongoing efforts are compromised, or people lose interest in the organization, due to the complex nature of their online donation system. Many other challenges are also on the forecast when fundraising organizations decide to buy cheap, low quality software, or fail to properly research their requirements


Getting software without adequate donor interaction tracking capabilities is one of the most problematic challenges non-profits can face. This functionality is one of the most widely used when it comes to any and all fundraising organizations.

Another important consideration has to do with record keeping. For the purpose of financial reporting and workflow management, record keeping can be extremely important, and organizations require software that can provide them with that capability.

A lack of customization options can always be a major problem. Regardless of what your organization does, being able to personalize your fundraising software can be a very important consideration that you will not be able to ignore.

Finally, fundraising software has to be both easy to use and easy to understand. A difficult learning curve will not help your employees or volunteers do a better or faster job, no matter how complex and comprehensive the software may appear.

As you can see, there is much more to choosing fundraising software applications than meets the eye. To get the best results, you cannot ignore any of the points raised above. Fortunately, software such as Fundau was developed precisely to account for these issues.

What’s so Special about Fundau?

Fundau is a high end fundraising script developed by Casperon that was designed mainly to smooth the donation process along and help your organization gather as much relevant information from your customers as possible.

With a strong demand for software that offers far more than added advantages for easily making donations, Fundau was made for facilitating powerful fundraising campaigns, making it possible for your contacts, volunteers, donors and various other constituents to keep in close contact with your organization. It acts as a highly affordable, solid and secure platform to help your non-profit organization yield the best possible results from the fundraising campaigns you put together.

Unlike most types of fundraising software, Fundau offers a few exceptional benefits that you can’t ignore:

It is extremely easy to install, and it’s also backed up by updates that the experts at Casperon work diligently on to provide the best possible support for the software.

There isn’t a challenging learning curve associated with the user interface. In fact, as soon as you start using it, you will find all the options and controls to be entirely straightforward and intuitive.

The unencrypted script is fast and highly customizable. You can adjust the settings so that you can track all the most relevant data you want, keep up with the most important donating trends, and choose whether you want to focus more on online or mobile donation campaigns.

The software comes with native apps for Android and iOS that you can also configure and launch with extreme ease. Effectively Boost Your Fundraising Campaigns

One of the most exciting things about using Fundau is that all your fundraising campaigns will get much closer to success than ever before. Whether you’re a religious institution looking for support or a charitable organization trying to help children, Fundau will get your message across, and provide the means for people and companies to make straightforward donations within minutes.

99% of surveyed non-profit organizations agree that running a fundraising campaign based on software like Fundau was able to significantly improve the amount of money they were able to obtain from donations. Also, more than 56% of non-profits have said they plan on increasing the amount they spend on fundraising software by the end of the year.

These simple stats speak for themselves regarding the practical advantages of Fundau, particularly since, when compared to other fundraising applications, Fundau has been proven to add a great deal of customization and reporting capabilities to the mix.

All you need to make your fundraising campaigns work is to have Fundau quickly installed on your systems, and witness your ability to keep track of all donation data, communicate with people and enhance your ability to promote donations across online and mobile platforms more easily.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Fundau was designed by Casperon experts to offer the best possible support associated with the most prevalent difficulties that non-profits tend to run into when tracking their donation data.

The software can be installed in no time at all, and you and your associates will already be able to start using it without worrying about a long training process or any technical problems and difficulties. It was designed to cater to the most significant functional needs that non-profit organizations require for their campaigns, including interaction tracking, quality reporting and web/mobile access tracking. Also, it offers powerful features such as the ability to accept donations from multiple donors, integrated analytics tools and straightforward tracking capabilities.

You can’t go wrong when using Fundau to bring success to all your fundraising and charitable campaigns! The software is designed to be one of the most solid and reliable you can find on the entire market.