Efficient Booking Process

The guests can easily switch through the different rates and the inventories and go through the entire booking process which is a hassle-free. We provide two-way booking process for your convenience. The entire Hotel Booking Software process provides the transition process; make it more agile and swift than ever before. The booking process remains the same on the personal computers, tablets, and Smartphones. The Hotel Reservation Software is a simpler one with its neat design and clean presentation. Both the room and the rate data is easy to understand with the options of high-quality images of overall properties.

Customization is possible without changing source Code

Our Jizby Hotel Reservation Software gives you entire freedom for customizing the booking method in order to meet your requirements subjected to the hotel website’s brand. You can also set own searching details and also change the visibility settings in order to offer a good experience. Our online Hotel Reservation Software allows the customers to configure the searches and find the details in the system gently. You can get the details from the scratch by filtering several data based on guest’s check-in, check out sate and number of nights they are staying etc.

Active Hotel Reservation Software

Our service always aims to provide a clear view and to create a responsive user interface in our subjected booking engine. It works out well with overall devices so whether your customers use a desktop, laptop, Smartphone or tablet and for sure they will experiences a satisfied feel. There is no any need for the scrolling or screen resizing from any device. With the aid of the improved booking flow the customers can select the check-in, check-out dates and the entire payment salary will appear on the starting page itself.

Multitude Interface

In order to satisfy the customer’s requirements and according to their preferences there are a list of layout options available for the booking page. Our services offer many views such as List View, OTA view including Grid View. Multiple booking is also possible in Hotel Reservation Software here by allowing the customers to select any number of rooms in any of hotel preferred view and hence making the process as comfortable for the guests also. On the other side of the flip it also allows the folks to easily manage the customer profile for booking a room.

List of possible payment gateway

There is a list of payment gateway choices available to choose from and the growing list provides your customers to make direct payments such as credit card and net banking. We are ready to establish more payment gateway interface as well and you are free to contact us at any time if your expected payment portal is not available in our existing list. Our service is connected to many trusted payment gateways which we can offer a flexible payment portal and also easily accept the net banking transactions from the customer.

Introduce and Activate

Our service provides you perfect freedom to modify the system to all your own expectations in order to feel the hotel’s website. Hence, the customers would not feel anything they have landed on the unknown page and they can easily process the online booking without any difficulties. We also allow the customers to set up their own search benchmark in order to accomplish the visibility of hotel amenities in Hotel Reservation Software. We also pay attention to the small details also and our system is designed in such a manner that customization of the booking page is possible here.

Compatible with Smartphones

We provide all the facilities for the customers to nook directly from their Smartphones. The customers can check all the details including room details, cost factor, view the photos and book with the hotel providing them with a good experience. With the aid of the notification feature, the website visitors comes to know about the all the information. And also intimate about them about the latest bookings or other comments received for the property in Hotel Reservation Software. This facility is possible with both Android and iOS users.

Sell additional services

This service is a vital factor. A recent survey shows that providing additional services not only increases the profit and sales with the privileged guests but also attracts the folks for the booking process. Our Hotel Reservation Software also facilitates to increase the revenue by broadcasting additional services such as breakfast, different types of spa packages, dinner vouchers, free cab pickup etc. Our main aim is to satisfy the customer’s expectations and feel them they are at the heaven by bringing all the possible facilities.

Build your own Packages

Attract the customers by building and offering more and more promotional packages which can be modified based on the several factors such as discount amount, percentage, and the number of nights etc. There are many packages available for the immediate booking with an additional night free with the two night stay. A flat discount is also available for the direct booking. Promotion of online booking is also possible and also by offering special packages on the concern of advance booking in Hotel Reservation Software.

Hidden Marketing – To Increase Profit

There is a special deal available for the frequent customers by creating promo codes which can be used by them while booking the hotel using Hotel Reservation Software. You can also build your own promo codes and use them in several layouts including email marketing and also the websites. Expiry dates for the promo codes is also fixed and also short interval of time to enhance the bookings. Special discounts are also available for the corporate clients including the VIP club members.

Special offers/Promo Codes

Enjoy your stay and food with our exclusive special offers. Our service offers unique travel packages and discounts. Enjoy enormous benefits including various packages including food and spa etc. You can also search the hotel special offers by several factors such as location, date of travel, package type or what attracts you. Your happiness is important to us. We take care of each and every desire of yours. You can also earn the bonus points especially during the special occasions or festival times.

Create Branches

The group-tracks have become possible nowadays and once it was a great question mark. If the hotel has subjected programs through which you are getting the customers coming to the hotel and you can take the benefit of several tools assisting the progress of several subjected procedure in the system. You can also generate several codes for the different customers and can be shared among the websites that enable the viewers to book the hotel and you can convert into the customers.

Adding new functional areas

In order to run a business successfully, our system provides an exact yield management tool(nothign but a Hotel Reservation Software) through which the customers can organize from the scratch. In case if there is any high demand or most of the hotel rooms are occupied and you can hike the rooms and take benefit of the scenario for more profit. The factors such as occupancy rate, peak season and upcoming holidays etc help to select the nest available rate accordingly without any hesitation.

Supports local currency and foreign currency

Our Hotel Booking Software is available in almost all the languages globally. You can choose any language according to your preference and if it is not available just intimate the concerned person and we will try our level best to work on the translation. Additionally, you can also display the rates in different currencies both local and foreign currencies; allowing the customers to complete the payment in the currency of their choice. All the details about our organization are given in the “contact us” page and so you are free to call or message at any time.

Record Emails

Our Hotel Booking Software allows the customers to record all the details including booking process which can be either positive or negative one. The payment process most of the times will be successful but sometimes due to the network issues it leads to the failure of the payment. Here the program is designed in such a manner that an email will be automatically sent to record all the bookings coming from the property website. This facility cannot be provided by all the hotels and we mainly care for you and for your happiness.

Social Media Fan page Sales

Glaring your brand to about one billion active social media site users with the aid of Jizby’s online booking system to convert the viewers into customers. Facebook has taken the whole world to another level which is an active presence will help you to connect to the myriad of promising customers in the online process. The folks can book directly from the Facebook page itself within the Hotel Booking Software. There are also special discounts are available to the folks who book directly from the hotel’s Facebook page.

Helping Hand advisor for trips

Connecting several hotels with a bunch of travelers globally, Immediate Booking is the latest trend by Trip Advisor Trip Connect. This one allows the folks to make direct hotel bookings using Hotel Reservation Software from this amazing service itself. We provide the perfect integration with the immediate Booking and thus allowing the customers to directly book it because of the huge number of travelers using Trip Advisor. Our System easily publishes the real-time rates and the vacancies of your property. Immediately receive the guest booing through the particular button.

Booking through Short Message Services

Short Message Service is one of the most important methods and it is cost effective one for sending immediate notifications and also promotions. Our system provides multiple ready interfaces with various SMS service providers and through which you can immediately notify the hotel customer about any event or regarding the information about the bookings. The information can be anything such as confirmation, cancellation, offers, and discounts etc. We also provide the facility of SMS notification and alerting the folks for every booking, confirmation or cancellation made through the short message service.

Central Control of Properties – Accessed in Cloud

Jizby is one of the best companies to provide a perfect hospitality solution offering a central manager with a desktop and property Management Systems subjected to the cloud computing. Our system is designed in such a manner that facilitating the customer to streamline all the hotel operations. The customers can efficiently manage the daily operations with good service in a better manner. Our Hotel Reservation Software is a full-fledged one and we provide a perfect cloud property management system as well.

Feedback from the guests

Feedback is one of the most important parts of communication between the landlord and the customers. The booking engine is designed in such a manner that it will allow the customers to post their reviews directly in the concerned page. You can also publish the reviews in online for the promising customers who are choosing a good hotel for their vacation. In the present era, the folks are greatly influenced by the online reviews and the landlord gives you a great opportunity to commit with the promising customers and to establish the real brand of the hotel.

Jizby through wordpress and Joomla plug-in

Word Press is well known for its content management system globally. We are happy to inform you that we provide a WordPress Plug-in for Jizby. The plug-in will allow you to integrate Jizby on your WordPress website and thus allowing the reservation process and bringing a new level of knowledge to your service. Joomla is especially for the people who use frequently use the website. You can easily integrate with the booking engine with this tremendous service. Our Hotel Reservation Software also accept your online bookings directly.

Guests Interaction

There are many services included here such as pre-arrival, in-house and post-departure mail service. Promotion of the local attractions, collect the reviews from the customers, exhibit hotel services and thus encourage a good communication and also increase the loyalty gently. There is no any need for the manual calculation of the room rate and our Hotel Reservation Software services are ready to do it at any time without any difficulties. This factor is most important compared to the others and shows how the customers are treated from the scratch point.

Broadcasting hotels

We have designed a new program with the help of our developers and allow you to directly integrate the hotels in the Google’s search results through the advertisements. The ads are connected directly with the folks looking for the various hotels in the various locations. An option is also available to book with the hotel when the customers browse through the Google advertisements. Thus the program makes it efficient for the landlords to reach the customers at the right time and when they are actively looking for the hotels and they are ready to occupy in pre-advance.

Pre arrival commitment

For the pre arrival commitment, email the customers directly about the routes and directions about the exact location few hours prior to the scheduled arrival. A few days before the guest’s arrival offer them with the upgrade, airport pick-up or even with the dinner reservations so that the customers will feel happy and they feel like at home. Mostly every one of us enjoys traveling with their friends and colleagues. Assure them that they are going to have a great time and relax well.

Customer’s interaction

Once the overall formalities are finished the customers are welcomed with email. If any unexpected scenario rose such as maintenance work or construction work pre-inform the customers about it. Regret the inconvenience and request them to cooperate also. We offer personalized discounts for breakfast, lunch and dinner offers and more on. Increase the customer’s happiness with the beautiful images of the restaurant special and also about the weekend specials of the chef. Email the guest advising about any important data they have to know.

Post exodus interaction

Finally after the customer’s check-out request for the reviews for the established service and publish them on the various affiliated websites. Capture the last chance to engage with the customers. Send a thanking message the customers will be happier and appreciate the effort. It will be better if a series of promotional campaigns are sent to the guests offering special packages including discounts for the future bookings. The reviews given by the guests will be useful for the other people at the stage when they are confused to choose which hotel is a best one.

Efficient Cloud Services

Jizby provides the cloud hosting for all of the Hotel Reservation Software applications discarding the need for the servers to be located at your property. The entire information will be stored in a PCI certified data center. The applications can be accessed from any computer or laptop connected to the internet. As the business grows each and every day there is no more investment cost for the new servers. The advanced technology provided a greater benefit of no more server hosting applications and the databases. Moving to the cloud has become an easier nowadays.

Hotel Booking Engine in Online

Our Hotel Reservation Software offers the customers a better experience in the field of the reservation system and hence requiring minimal efforts while using the personal computers laptops and Smartphones etc. Generate the higher profit by allowing the customers to avail many factors such as special offers, promo codes including the capability to perform the group bookings. Our booking engine is a friendlier one and it will enable the customers to book with the hotels and hence automatically to increase in the hotel profit.

Overall channel controller

There will be a number of channels connected with Jizby and the channel controller manages all over channels without any difficulties. The online bookings are made possible from one place to another. The customers can take the advantage of the inventory distribution system and hence it helps to save the precious time and prevents if there is any loss due to the unexpected errors. The central dashboard system helps to avoid the rate disparity and increases the hotel’s online reputation system by maintaining a good relationship with the travel websites also.

Pivotal Booking System

Our Pivotal Hotel Reservation Software can reinforce the bookings for all the chain properties starting from the source to destination. This is the central place where you can handle related to the website. The overall control of the information about the check INS, checkouts, the total number of events, transactions took place is done successfully here. This one is accessed only by the authorized person and not by everyone. The pivotal Booking system is the most needed one and if any issues rose in the system, the concerned person checks the initial things from here only.

Central system for control of Properties

Our desktop based Hotel Booking Software helps the customers to automate the daily working operations of a property. Here we have designed our system in such a manner that power of Software as a Service and the strength of cloud is taken as a solution for the issues. The cloud integration takes care of all functionalities of the hotel system to manage the day to day functions in a flexible manner. The booking engine automatically books the occupancy for the customers and updates all the data in the server without fail.

Hotel features

Small brief of our capabilities

  • Cost Factor and Vacancies

    The customer can access the facilities which are provided here at an affordable cost. With accordance to the demand, the cost factor varies and the customer can check the availability of things at any time through online. Instant updating of each and every particular or room is successfully achieved in our respective site.

  • Immediate booking

    Here, we provide a room list and a readily available interface for the immediate booking in a reliable manner. The room list provides different kinds of rooms such as normal one, a moderate one, and luxurious one. It is the customer’s choice to choose the room according to their comfort zone and budget.

  • Additional services

    Once you are committed to our services, you need not worry about anything. You can easily brandish the additional services you provide such as free breakfast, meal plans, dinner vouchers etc. Our food is prepared by our trained professionals and so you need not worry about its hygiene factor.

  • Hotel catalog and choices

    Jizby reservation has readily accessible API to multiple numbers of hotels along with the cost factor and vacancies of rooms and all other important data regarding the hotel room. It is mainly depending on the people’s choice to choose the room and they have come to the far distance to enjoy their holidays or for the professional reason too.

  • Social media Sites Unification

    The most important factor is that recommendation from the friends, colleagues, and relatives. This is a big deal and asking the valued customers to follow you is socially important. Jizby takes you to the next level with the unification of the social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc which plays a major role in the present society.

  • Keep it simple Quick book accounting

    All the information including payment details, revenue details all can be tracked with the aid of quick book software. This Hotel Booking Software stands at the top position and it is a famous cloud accounting software globally. The overall business finances can also be controlled easily without any issues and accomplished successfully to the expected level.

  • Payment Processing

    You can use your current credit cards and debit cards in order to charge the credit cards through Jibsy. It is lightening faster one and it is also the new trend for the payment processing. Jizby also supports the card readers for the customer’s convenience. It is globally welcomed by everyone with the full heart.

  • Pre advancement Booking

    Jibsy supports pre advancement booking for weddings, conferences to any type of gathering. The booking amount can be paid collectively or individually. Pre advancement Booking is essential one during the festival seasons in order to avoid the unnecessary tension. Proceed on with the usual work after making the place as yours in this available option.

  • Lower Rates

    We encourage our privileged customers including the normal ones to stay longer time by just offering a lower nightly rate for each additional night when they add to their reservation. This service is only provided by Jibsy so that you will feel happy to stay with us and extend your holidays to come out of your daily routine stress and pressure.

  • Efficient Learning

    Our Hotel Booking Software is designed in a way that it is easy for one to go through the manuals which are made available. This application is seamless and effortless in every possible way and the one without any technical knowledge will also be able to easily learn through it.

  • Additional Functionalities

    We provide many advanced functionalities such as accounting, statistics, logbook, customizable documents, and automated emails etc. With the aid of the logbook, one can easily review the overall history of the reservations coherent module. The database provides you with all the important information. The statistics support all kinds of graphs and charts to increase the representation of data.

  • Booking.com - Perfect synchronization

    Booking.com is a perfect synchronization and one can skip the channel manager requirement and link directly with the Booking.com. Our automatic update system is a reliable one and continuously keeps tour Hotel Booking Software up to date completely for free of cost. The Reminder system will never let you forget when important payment is on the due date.

Discount Offers for Privileged Guests

Everybody is looking for some special offers towards their demand and the customers will be satisfied by the performances which are distributed here. We offer many unique discount packages which are a personalized one for the future bookings. Once the demands are accomplished there is no doubt that the customer will come out with complete satisfaction.

Custom Notifications and Predefined Templates

You can save your valuable time and we provide you with a list of pre-defined email templates with the exact solution. On the other side of the flip, you can also edit, customize and they can also create new email templates according to the needs without any difficulties and take the procedure to a new level.

Agenda of Programmed Emails

Schedule and automate the programmed emails and hence save your precious time and effort. You can also customize the templates and schedule them manually. Generation of the content, again and again, can be too difficult. You can also copy, edit or reuse the existing templates in order to amend the available content.

Mobile Friendly Patterns

In the present era, the Smartphones are the most used platform mostly by everyone in order to check the emails. The email templates provided by us are extremely responsive one and it can be accessed from multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile or tablet. This is the most convenient for everyone and the technology has brought everything inside our palm.

Create Message and save for Future

Mostly every one of us wishes to compose a message for the future use and make it readily available so that it can be used later on. Hence, according to the needs and requirements, the Hotel Booking Software allows the customers to create different types of email campaigns and it can also be saved for the future.

Central Booking System

Our central booking system provides consolidate bookings for all your properties staring from one location to another. This means confirmation of a booking of a particular property A while subjecting at the property B. This is useful for the folks who serve on-call bookings and also making the correct decision at the same time of booking for a walk-in guest.

Progressive Dashboard

The main function of the dashboard is to display real-time data which includes reservation summary, present booking information, occupancy level and the overall revenue which includes daily, weekly, monthly and the real fact is that it is easy to understand charts and graphs. It also displays the top performing list from the needed month.

Control of overall rate and bookings

A simple login gives the authorized access to rates, inventory and all the bookings of hotels and you can also take a simple shift between the hotels with the aid of the toggle feature. The central booking system makes everything efficient to manage the rate and inventory of overall properties.

Overall Cost Management Tool

Our cost management tool provides you a complete access to the different market behavior analysis in order to manage the overall hotel revenues and the higher returns in an efficient manner. It can also fetch the opponent’s prices for the comparison procedure. The customer can also compare the old records in order to evaluate the Best Available Retail Rate.

Authenticated booking

When the user is booking their desired hotel through online the payment will be achieved via PayPal services which are trustworthy. While paying amount, the user will receive a respective secure code to access the services which are provided by the hotels. If the user wants to keep their booking details in a secured manner the code for authentication will be very much helpful to them.

Immediate ROI

Mostly every one of us will pay monthly subscription fee. We help you to get quick returns on your overall investment. Each and every day the most remain lowered one and subjected to limitations to only what you see. It is totally predictable one with our services and policies.

Increased profit

Our powerful team is always available to increase your hotel booking profit with Hotel Booking Software by connecting you to all the mediums of sales globally. It is better to keep in touch with the markets where the users book their hotel. We do not ask customers for any additional infrastructure cost. Your happiness is our growth.

Comparison of present year vs. last year stats

One of the most important of the business is to acknowledge the past incidents and learn from the issues. With the aid of the online booking system, the customer can efficiently view and compare all the important criterion of the data with the present year and the previous year. You can compare the various factors such as total rooms sold, occupancy rate, average daily rate and revenue per available room etc. In order to increase the hotel revenue, you can get the overall data for each and every plan so that performance can be reviewed about each room type.

Different Types of Logs

Here there are different kinds of logs included such as Transaction Logs, Rate and Inventory Logs and Master Logs etc. With the aid of Transaction Logs, each and every single transaction in the system is tracked and it is stored in the separate logs. The customer can view the transactions and the accountability is too increased among the staffs. The updates for the rates, inventory details made in the system are stored in the dedicated logs. Alert notifications can also be set on the emails.

Visitor’s report

The central dashboard system probably displays the entire details about real rime featuring reservation data, current booking data, occupancy level, the entire revenue details which include daily, weekly and monthly details in order to understand the charts and graphs. It also displays the entire summary about the listing information of previous month. The master logs give you the authorized access in order to view the changes in the unit about the added, updated or deleted data etc according to the user.

Guest’s report

Our Hotel Booking Software offers you an entire summary of the guest statistics and how the customer is engaged with the property website. And also the additional details such as the customer’s location, total session time, type of device used for the accessing of Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile etc. Data for the checking of the availability and the time when the booking was made etc can also be viewed. The payment mode statistics provide details about the reservation data, who made the payment, which particular card was used, booking inquiry and the payment is a normal one or some other process used.

Implication of Events

Our Hotel Booking Software provides an outstanding tool for the rate management which gives a complete set of instructions for the upcoming events in the specialized areas including conferences, exhibitions, concerts, parties, and festivals etc. The cost management tool helps the folks to notify about any festival or the grand event in order to attract the guests and you can say how much of engagement can be expected at the property. You can also plan the rate strategies accordingly and also enjoy the maximum profit.