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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for help in setting up an online marketplace that will connect the service providers with the consumers? Welcome to Casperon the leading company in offering the best in class marketplace software based on the nature of your business.

You can benefit a lot from our software application like saving more money and time in designing the website, taking care of the payment process; implement the desired solution, the business analytics, and other support in setting up the business.

We focus on both type of business, the business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) services and customize responsive website designs that are easily listed in the Google. Our software is capable of handling multiple products with multiple sellers, unlimited order processing and product upload and other things in the marketplace. Also, we support mobile applications that make it way easier to reach the users and increase the business and internet traffic.

Marketplace Software

Get an Affordable Solution for Marketplace Software That Will Solve all Your Problems

Reliable marketplace software isn’t easy to find, and when you do find it, the price tag might prevent you from even testing some of the options placed at your disposal. This is why it is more important than ever to approach the market with the help of quality multi-vendor shopping cart software that has all the features you need, while also being affordable.

There are several excellent options and advantages associated with this type of software:

It allows you to work together with hundreds, or even thousands of other vendors, and create a powerful retail tool that will promote your brand across the entire internet.

In some cases, multi-vendor plug-ins can be provided alongside powerful open source online CMS applications or integrated with your own unique system to help lower purchase and maintenance costs.

High end online security – a measure that is of growing importance, especially when it comes to the online retail industry and the prospect of handling thousands of transactions per day – is another important advantage you can only gain through the best multi-vendor software.

These solutions are often provided with straightforward dashboard controls and configuration options to eliminate the need for advanced coding knowledge.

Flexible features and advanced support allows for easy integration and user friendly controls to make both the purchasing and selling process as quick and easy as possible.

With the help of high quality marketplace software, you can build your own multi-vendor online store or auction site and implement it according to your own policies, to take over your local marketplace and enjoy even higher profits than you’ve expected.

The Many Advantages Gained from Using the Best Available Virtual Marketplace Software

The idea of putting together your own online marketplace has been a popular one since the “rise to power” of sites like Amazon and eBay, which now boast net incomes of more than $70 billion.

Starting your own virtual marketplace, while an attractive option, might prove to be difficult, especially since the software required is quite advanced and not always affordable.

Recently, however, experts from Casperon Technologies have come up with a powerful, easy to customize and responsive marketplace software known as Shoppine – a reliable tool that is also quite low-cost and easy to configure.

Virtual Marketplace vs. Regular Ecommerce

Most businesses, when thinking of launching an e-commerce website, focus more on the idea of a classical online store – one that allows you to set up your own products, pricing and policies, while providing an online shopping cart that visitors and members can easily use to order their preferred products.

Experts consider, however, that not only is this not the only successful model you can use for your business, but there is one that can prove to be much more fruitful right from the start: the marketplace e-commerce model.

A virtual marketplace set up with the help of software like Shoppine can help you create a large, solidly built, secure and easy to configure multi-vendor e-commerce website that may be used to allow a large number of vendors to sell their products. While you can set up your own products as well, if you choose to, the website can be used by multiple providers and vendors who want to gain higher exposure.

With the help of quality, well-designed software like Shoppine, the new marketplace website can be configured to make the shopping process extremely straightforward, while attracting thousands of daily visits and making sure all third party vendors can meet their targets when it comes to sales. As a result, your business will be booming, and your e-commerce site will just keep growing.

The Rewards of High Quality Marketplace Software

Well-designed marketplace software has many practical benefits to offer. Convenience, ease of use and flexibility are only a few of these rewards, and depending on the business you want to run, there can be some quite unique advantages we could talk about as well:

With a quality software solution such as Shoppine in place, you can become the business operator who coordinates all third party vendors using your site to sell their items.

This will give you the ability to take a commission on items they sell, and essentially earn a passive income.

You can also promote your own products that fall into the same niches and categories as the many items promoted by your vendors. Essentially, you can be a vendor yourself, but with the added advantage of having a website filled with quality products viewed and bought on a daily basis by hundreds or even thousands of customers.

A well-designed marketplace strategy using advanced software will also empower regular internet users, visitors and people who like your website so much that they sign up as members. Unlike most e-commerce websites, the marketplace offers visitors a chance to view items from many different vendors that are not biased against each other, and can provide them with a clear view on which product would be the most suitable choice and how price differences can work to their benefit.

Finally, quality marketplace software allows you to monitor sales and purchases with ease, while keeping track of analytics to see exactly which vendors have had the most success with their items, what marketing solutions have brought you the best advantages and what the most popular products have been in the last few months.

Shoppine – The Best Responsive Marketplace Software

If you’re in search of high quality marketplace software that can also help you leverage the mobile market through a solid, responsive design and the best configurable settings in place, Shoppine is probably your best possible choice in this regard.

The software offers a few remarkable advantages, providing you with the possibility to work together with thousands of vendors and build a truly impressive online and mobile marketplace.

A well-designed shopping cart, payment gateway and security system allows internet users to feel at ease whenever they buy anything through your online marketplace, and the software will provide you with a simple way of monitoring all activity, tweaking settings and fully configuring all aspects of your marketplace website from a single easy to use dashboard.

The software is also easy to install, and there is virtually no maintenance required. You also don’t have to know any coding or have any technical experience to be able to run and manage Shoppine, and with its flexible features, easy integration and impressive design options, you’ll have no trouble personalizing the software to fit in with you and your vendors’ requirements, while making shoppers feel right at home.

Running Shoppine for Marketplace Success

Developed by Casperon, Shoppine is one of the most straightforward, user friendly responsive virtual marketplace software applications that money can buy. Aside from the online application that uses a well-designed unencrypted secure script to provide ideal customization and fast results, it also provides mobile apps for iOS and Android that you can configure according to your own business and branding needs, and have your clients download to view your best offers and deals.

Shoppine can be installed in just a few clicks, and you’ll find all the customization and configuration settings are quite simple and intuitive, allowing you to set up your marketplace portal and all the features you will need without taking too much time to do it.

Vendors will also find that they can quickly and easily integrate their products, along with descriptions, photographs and any other relevant piece of information required. Payment options can be configured so that it doesn’t take long for the money to reach you and your vendors, and automated checkout settings can be set in place, so that buyers are able to order conveniently, without running into any problems or unknowns regarding shipping, taxes or other payment related details.

Getting Shoppine for your business will be the single most profitable action you have taken in a long time, and you will quickly find that even as a newer business owner, you won’t have to worry about your marketplace expanding too slowly or about not being able to reach your business goals fast enough.

Boost Your Business Income with Shoppine

The goal of any online retailer is to boost their income and expand their business as quickly as possible. Depending on the kind of niche you approach the most, this may be easier in some cases and much more difficult in others. However, running Shoppine will give your online and mobile marketing campaigns a real boost, while providing you with excellent recognition.

Just imagine buying from a website or app you can fully trust, and receiving your order in record time without having to pay anything extra. That is exactly how buyers using your new marketplace software will feel, and what will make them turn to you, instead of shopping from your online competitors.

More clients and leads translates into increased income for you and the vendors you work together with; and with the solid architecture and reliable security features of Shoppine, you can be sure that your marketplace portal will be able to support the added traffic.

Your business has everything to gain by adopting the marketplace business model. As long as you use Shoppine as your primary marketplace software, you are guaranteed to reach a higher level of success than you even imagined.