Why Rental Management Software

At present, Airbnb is trending in the market for its affordable price for the stay and feel at home experience. In the recent times, it did gain a huge amount of popularity amidst the people. Now, there are business people that are willing to give it a try and one of the best factors is that there is rental management software which will of great aid to manage everything related to the vacation rentals.

Do you think that you really need software to manage the rentals? Then the answer would be a definite yes, as one will be able to manage all the tasks at one particular place in a comprehensive manner. There are various features available on the software for it to be configured with any system and be used in a holistic and progressive way.

Why choose Zilla Rental Management Software

Technology has evolved and so have the industries that depend on it. There is a software or technology available for almost everything in the market. And in the same way, there are many types of software available for rental management. Then why one should choose Zilla Rental Management software of all the software’s which are available out there.

This software specifies in its features, there are around 100 features available in this software which make a whole lot of difference for any kind of rental management can be performed with the help of it. The developers have designed and developed the complete software in an exceptional and unprecedented way, that it is definitely one could never get enough of it.


Property accounting

Property accounting is specialized in maintaining the records of the transactions made like charges, payments, deposit and refund all at one place.


Company financials

Administrate the rent for the rental from the guests and simultaneously handle the finances for the organization, an easy way to split the bills to the respective person.


Online payments

Cut down on the time to process the payments configure online payment with your system to make payments within seconds to save time and improve productivity too.


1099 e-Filling

Fill in the 1099’s for you to track with efficiency for the owner and vendor payments with the help of the Zilla software and generate forms online as well.


Resident portal

A perfect place to simplify the communication, streamline the maintenance of the properties and cut down the defaults in a simple and effective way.


Owner portal

In a simple way provide access to the property owners for specific transactions, contributions, and statements made on behalf of the property to keep a track of it.


Document storage

An access for unlimited storage for lease documents, appendix, maps, floor plans and almost everything related to the property from anywhere at any time.


Maintenance request tracking

Property owners, residents, and employees can submit the work and keep a track on the maintenance and the request for it which is completed.


Property Inspections

For every property under you, sync data with the system to conduct inspections to retain the quality of the infrastructure and fix in case of issues.

Renters Insurance Plus

Create insurance for the tenants and offer an affordable price for the premium to ensure the safety and security of the residents in the properties.

Rental listings

Associate with partners and bring all the rental listings to one place and share it on other platforms and the best way to reach to millions of people searching for rentals.

Rental applications

Go ahead and cut down on the hours of paperwork with a rental application, go online and go eco-friendly, fill out the applications online with an ease.

Tenant screening

Get insights on the residents that will be residing in the properties with an effortless and efficient background check and begin the screening process.

Professional website

An excellent for a fully integrated website especially built for you to push you to the top in front of the landlords and residents.


Forget about printing or scanning lease documents and the paperwork, Zilla has it all at one place through online E-Lease.


Making a move to new software is definitely tedious, but with Zilla, it is just the opposite we keep the transition process simple and neat.

Ease of use

We keep it simple for you to learn the way how the software will work with your properties and the best part is that it is easy to use too.

Data security

Security is the priority and let anything ruin it in by any means, as cutting-edge technologies are used in the software to ensure that all the information is safe and secure.

Award-winning support

Be it a day or night or any time of the day, we are always available for you to cater to all your needs and ensure that you are satisfied with the service.

Cost savings calculator

All you need to provide is certain information about the properties and voila you will get to know how much money and time you will be saving with Zilla.

Tenant Debt Collections

Don’t worry about the defaulters; our tenant debt collection is specifically made for you to ensure that the payment is made at the right time.

Bulk Tenant Charges

Do you see a similarity with the usage? Then create a unit to bring in all the bulk charges together at one place to keep a track of it.

Rent Comparison Tool

Go ahead and compare the rental prices for the various units of the properties with similar space and adjust it according to the demands to be the lead.

Marketing Campaigns

Cardotz’s GPS tracking system helps you to track the process of the fleet in an efficient manner. You can view the current location and the historical details of the hired vehicles. Additional information is also available such as speed, battery voyage, and ignition status etc.

Vacancy Dashboard

All the data related to the vacancies in the properties are consolidated together at one single place to track and update easily.

One-Click Vacancy Posting

Save your time with this except one-click vacancy posting feature, where you can simply post a vacancy on the site with just a simple click.

Premium Leads

Are you thinking maintain 100% occupancy rates? Then this feature will be the best option for you to do so and help you maintain occupancy efficiently.

Guest Card Tracking

Make better decisions with the guest card application for your potential renter to increase the occupancy rate in the properties.

Online Rental Applications

It is the right time to make the online applications available anywhere at any time for the renters to have access to it and apply in a seamless fashion.

Built-In Tenant Screening Services

Screening the tenants might seem to be tedious and time-consuming, simply use this feature and click Screen now to screen the tenants.

Online Leases: Secure a Renter on the Spot

Create a branded lease and it can be quickly signed off by the applicant with an e-sign and it is safe and secure as well.

Online Renter Portal

This is a one-stop solution for all the residents in the properties to pay rent, raise requests and download agreements in a secure manner.

Modern Ways to Communicate with Your Renters

Have simple conversations with ease with the renters through text messages and build a rapport to effectively handle your business and connect with people.

Liability to Landlord Insurance

Do not let the property damage you by any means, the liability of landlord insurance will take care of the damages for you.

Task Management

One place where you will be able to track the details of inspections, maintenance and everything related to the properties of this feature.

Schedule Rent Increases

Simple schedule the increase with the rent based on the terms and conditions of the lease agreement and the software will adjust accordingly.

Housing with By-the-Bed Functionality

This is the best feature for you to manage the student housing properties, provide the service with by-the-bed functionality.

Universal Search

The search option will help you to save time as you will be able to search for the required data and it will be available within seconds.

Real-time Tracking

A collection of reports for the various properties will allow you to customize it and keep a track of it as well.

Ratio Utility Billing

Recover the utility costs for the properties instead of having it absorbed for the business with the help of Ratio Utility billing feature.

Common Area Maintenance

Zilla has the perfect option for you to track, bill and integrate the shared common area expenses for the properties under you.

Management of Holding and Security Deposits

Manage multiple applicants for the vacancies for the future and move the security deposit from holding an account.

Save Time with Automated Late Fees

Fix a late fee for the individual properties or a group and set a time for Zilla to automatically generate the late fees.

AP Approvals

A simple way to prevent the unapproved and incorrect bills, streamline the payables in a seamless manner to keep it effective.

Online Owner Portal

Owners usually have expectations to keep track of everything and this portal feature will see fit to satisfy their expectations.

Owner & Vendor Communication with Text Messaging

The owner and vendor can communicate with each other through text messaging to ensure that the things are working in perfect fashion.

Owner Contributions

The owner can make safe and secure contributions through funds in the owner portal section of the software for the maintenance of the properties.

Pay Your Owners via e-Cheque

Gone are the days when you used to make cash payments, now use this explicit e-Cheque to make the payments to the respective person.

Training and onboarding

The data can be easily configured with the system with an ease like a pro and help you to onboard to the software as well.

Rent tracking resources

Keep a track on the move outs of the residents, payments made and the security deposits automatic generation with this feature.

Easy navigation

The tools have been specifically designed and developed especially for you to navigate through and have access to all the features.

Bank Grade Security

Zilla will provide you with the highest security you could have ever thought of and all the information is encrypted with advanced encryption.

QuickBooks Sync

Zilla can easily configure with QuickBooks for you to look for the details and data in QuickBooks format as well for your convenience.

Electronic Leases

Now is the time for you to go eco-friendly with electronic leases and make the environment better, forget about the paperwork on the paper.

Work order management

Track everyday maintenance and inspection of the work orders for the properties with the help of this feature.

Purchase order management

Never miss out on the expenditure made and the invoices to save money and avoid placing double purchase orders.


Create personalized reports for you to have a glance at the properties and the performance, manage multiple residential as well.

Student housing

Keep track on the details of the move-ins, move-outs, transfers and the pending application for the student housing with this feature.

Prepare Work Orders

The properties need time to time maintenance and inspections, prepare work orders, and send them to the concerned person directly.

Asset stock

Track the details of the equipment on bulk or individual assets stock and replace if there is a need for it.

Staff Performance

Ensure that the staffs are giving an unmatched performance and improve over a period of time; this can be performed with this feature.

Availability Calendar

This will help you to refer back to confirm the bookings or renting out based on the availability of the properties.

Label designer

Have the labels designed in various sizes, styles, and formats to enter the assets information and have it posted as advertisements.

PayPal Integration

Zilla is perfect software where you can integrate PayPal for you to have all kinds of the transaction to be made and keep a track of it.

Order Verification

Get every single right and never give chance to go wrong by anyways with the help of order verification.

Xero Integration

This is one of the popular accounting software and it is definitely a perk to be there for you to keep an eye on the accounting.

Invoice Management

Create an invoice for every order which is being placed and the invoice design is customizable for your convenience.

Rental Rules

Create rental rules for the residents for the pricing of the properties which are leased or rented out, it automatically kicks in when the right order comes through.

Location Tracking

Apart from the GPS tracking, handle the Meta locations of the properties with the location tracking feature.


Coupons Management

Promotional codes can be used for the orders placed and manually add it with the unique coupon code.


Groups and Subgroups

For a clear-cut clarity of the occupancies and usage of the assets split it into groups and subgroups to make it simple and easy.



Manage the vendors for their acquirements and the vendors can provide the details of the costs for the maintenance as well.


Notifications & Alerts

Ensure that all the important factors related to your business are being notified to you through this notification and alerts feature.


Customized Views

Define who can see what of the details which are made available for the people that are looking for properties to reside in.


Services and Maintenance

Always have a timed maintenance for you to save time and money, to retain the quality of the property for the residents.


Customized URL

Are you planning to use the QR code of your company in the URL? Then this feature allows you to use any sub-domain as URL.


Custom Fields

The business unique and it is crucial to be handled the right way, add custom fields according to your requirement with Zilla.


Asset Management

Zilla has a comprehensive module for you to manage the various kinds of properties and assets that are under you.


Compact View

A compact view will make easy and simple for you to have the items which are similar; you can zoom in as well.


Tax Accounting

Taxes can be bickering if there are not maintained properly and Zilla is here for you to perform it rightly for you not to miss out and be a defaulter.


Image Library

Manage hundreds of images and documents all at one place for easy and quick access to the image library & make it smooth.


Inventory Management

Track the stocks with alerts based on the location when they go low with the inventory management system in Zilla for your rescue.


Data Backups

Do you think that you might be in need of a data backup? This feature is specially made for you to create an extensive backup.



Integrate Zilla with other systems with an excellent API for your tailor-made requirements and be flexible too.


Comments and Coordination

Simply add comments to the orders and items simultaneously coordinate with the team not to miss out on the important orders.


Login with Google

Don’t be worried anymore to memorize new usernames and passwords, simply log in with your Google Credentials.


Sub Renting

Sub-renting is an easy way for you to efficiently enable the sub-rented orders and it is handy in case of borrowing or renting.


Availability Based Ordering

It is important to have the items available at the right time for an order when you are in this line of business and this feature for you to track it down.


Route Management

Do you think that the material needed to be dropped off at your stores or warehouses? Route management will be perfect for you to check out on the deliveries.


Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate the software with multiple platforms and systems for Zilla is flexible and versatile.