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Over the past few years the vacation rentals have become more popular among the families that are on their vacation. These rental spots offer the vacationers with a family environment and a chance to get to know more about the local people and their culture. And over the years the vacation rental industry has grown up high and has seen profit in the market.

If you wish to become a part of the industry, then the best way to establish your business is to create mesmerizing renal software that will attract more hosts and vacationers into your business. And Casperon is at its best when it comes to the software application. We have designed the rental software with the understanding of the current market trends that makes it easy to manage the whole system.

The software is associated with all the modules from the listing, logins, owner statements, bookings, calendar sync, accounting, agreements, marketing reports, invoicing, maintenance, housekeeping, and other things.

Vacation Rental Software

Rentalix is the best Vacation rental software used in industry for both small and large volume Vacation rental properties. Using rental you can easily rent your properties and maintain bookings, analysis reports, sale reports, payments, commission etc... Apart from this you can also manage the Legal documents, rental agreements and other papers online. Your datas will be completely secure and encrypted.Rental comes with integrated Quickbooks and Quicken software where you can easily export financials to them quickly. You can create sub-admin to moderate Rental deals with both short term and long term rentals. Our software is completely comprehensive, flexible and scalable. It is an user friendly software.

It is a cloud based software and it is highly robust and secure.

  • Multilingual
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly URL’s used
  • Cloud based – 24/7 Access
  • Easy Content Management System
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Automate Emails & Replies
  • Advanced Lead Management
  • Automatic Payment collection
  • Moderate Users
  • Share via Social Media Accounts
Save your time by using Rentalix and keep you vacation rental management work more professional.

Get Thousands of Bookings Each Month with Top Rated Vacation Rental Software

Vacation rental software has become one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of rental property managers. If you own or manage a property meant to accommodate tourists and visitors, this is the right software tool to use in order to reduce and eliminate organization issues, facilitate easier bookings and provide your end users with beautiful, easy to use mobile-ready websites.

The biggest problem with promoting vacation rental properties is that people don’t know exactly what they’re getting into by going through with a certain offer. By making information readily available and allowing for easy bookings, your business is one step closer to attracting more customers, and even keeping them coming back next season.

Reservation systems provide you with flexible options for managing schedules, calendars, pricing options and discounts, as well as to keep track of reporting and owner statements. Customers can use these systems to book their accommodation when planning their vacations, and making the best choice about the rental property that’s best suited to their needs.

At the same time, managers have complete and easy access both to the reservation system and to the access of inventory from other agencies, control options for displaying rates and discounts, or the syncing of property information, schedules and much more, with the possibility of increasing both your agency’s exposure and the number of bookings that come through.

There is no limit to what an active organization can do with the best vacation rental software on the market – with the ability to quickly adapt the software to your business’ requirements, responding to any initiatives set forth by your competitors will be made extremely easy.

Considering the Most Advanced and Versatile Vacation Rental Software on the Market

For vacation rental managers, the task of keeping ahead of the competition and making sure their clients are completely satisfied at the same time can be quite difficult to balance.

Fortunately, high and vacation rental software, such as the Rentallac software developed by Casperon Technologies, is now available that can take all the time consuming tasks and administrative problems out of the equation, allowing for streamlined and convenient online vacation rental property management.

What Is Vacation Rental Software?

When you’re going on vacation, and you want to rent your own house or condo to live it up and relax without worrying about hotel rates and the inconvenience of living together with other guests, rental property managers take up the case to help you book the best location available in the area.

While in the past, this has been done by phone or through intermediaries, today the process is completely automatic, and online vacation rental software applications are in place to make sure that no mistakes are made, all the details regarding your booking are accounted for, and anything from administrative files to analytics data is well-organized.

Now, you can probably see how, as a rental manager, this type of software can be an extremely practical and versatile asset. You can essentially streamline your work and increase your revenue, while taking in more bookings than ever. Also, as an added bonus, the software will allow you to handle legal documents, get a complete solution for revenue management and growing your business, and ensuring that all your problems regarding accounting, tax management and reporting can be handled with ease.

The Main Advantages of Vacation Rental Software

Unlike most types of products you will encounter when taking a look at the tourist industry, you will find vacation rental software to be quite complex. Basically, it’s a complete solution that takes care of many important tasks which, until quite recently, were done exclusively by rental managers, and used to be extremely difficult to automate.

Today, that is no longer a problem, and software like Rentallac is available, offering a wide array of exceptional advantages you can benefit from:

One of the best assets of vacation rental software such as Rentallac is that it helps you keep up with all your payments and accounting related details, including taxes, housekeeping and maintenance expenses – all through a simple and straightforward digital interface.

This type of software can allow you to organize all your bookings and portal listings with ease. Handling listings on portal websites and syncing your availability calendars will no longer require so much effort.

Email automation and dynamic pricing features are two other good reasons why managers tend to prefer high end vacation rental software. These features make it possible to manage all your reservations and pricing lists easily, while providing a simple method to organize prices according to seasonal changes, special events, newly implemented offers, and so on. Some types of software are geared solely towards rental managers who specialize in particular holiday rental offers such as short term rentals or charter bookings. Vacation rental software can also help you build a professional brand image, allowing you to use the practical advantages of social media and other platforms to receive higher recognition and get a lot more bookings than you did in the past.

Introducing Rentallac – The Superior Vacation Rental Software

Rentallac is one of the most versatile and highly efficient vacation rental software applications designed to make your life easier and improve the way you handle your bookings and the ease with which you can take care of anything from legal and tax documents to lead management and automated emails.

The software is cloud based, and it was designed to be both SEO friendly and mobile friendly, allowing for a great deal of flexible options when it comes to integrating with your marketing campaigns. It is also extremely easy to install, and it provides an easy to use content management system that makes it possible to perfectly shape your content in order to attract a greater number of clients.

Managing your property and the expenses associated with it has never been easier than with Rentallac. The reservation system allows for accurate planning, while booking prices, expenses associated with managing your rental properties and any financial data linked to taxes, marketing or even emergency expenses can be easily accounted for with the advanced functional features included in the software.

With Rentallac, you can’t go wrong, and you will quickly find that even the lesser known problems associated with managing your bookings, expenses and vacation rental property management tasks will be easily within grasp, as long as you use this high quality software.

Advanced Features and Quality Coding

If you want a reliable, well-designed software that can help you get rid of all your organizational issues, there is no better solution than Rentallac. The vacation rental software produced by Casperon was equipped with a host of carefully chosen and highly refined features geared to help vacation property managers increase their returns and ease their work:

Rentallac is a cloud based system you can access 24/7. It also features mobile apps designed for iOS and Android that can be quickly personalized to fit your company’s needs. You can use automated systems for payment collection, as well as lead generation and client communication through emails and automatic replies.

It also allows you to set up bookings and prices easily, while allowing you to manage anything from the various details regarding your rental property management tasks, to keeping track of which of your properties is more popular and which marketing methods work best.

The software features a user moderation system that allows you to monitor all user access to the system.

The software is also equipped with Quickbooks compatibility. It makes integration with the Quickbooks system entirely easy, so you can easily manage all your financial and tax related data.

You can also use it together with social media accounts to ensure improved communication with prospective clients.

Rentallac doesn’t need a lot of time to impress you, and regardless of your specific policies, the types of rental properties you own or the unique branding and strategies you employ, it will do its job in securing more bookings and providing you with the data you need for easy management.

Convenient Use for Business

Whether you’re just starting a vacation rental business, or your business has been around for years, there are several unique business related advantages you can only gain from using Rentallac.

First and foremost, the software was designed to be flexible and to work from anywhere, being in the cloud. You can, therefore, manage your business with ease, whether you’re at home or on vacation somewhere abroad. Also, you can change your policies, offers or business approach overnight, and have everything updated in the system in record time.

Quickbooks integration provides you with a more solid basis for your business, since you will no longer have to worry about taxes or having to spend a lot of effort trying to figure out your accounting related problems. Moreover, Rentallac will keep all your analytics, pricing, reservation and monitoring data neatly organized, so you’ll never be caught off guard by unexpected expenses or reduced returns.

With Rentallac, you can build a solid foundation to your rental business from the very start; not only will your clients be satisfied with the highly organized approach of your vacation rental management efforts, but they’ll just keep coming back every year, knowing they will be provided with the best service they can hope for!