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The taxi dispatch service is the fast growing business in the transportation industry and only the best service provider can withstand the market demand. At Casperon we merge the on-demand taxi dispatch service with the latest trends in the technology industry and provide the best in quality management software that help you to stand ahead of your competitors.

The software package consist of attributes that are user friendly, service management, automated dispatch and tracking system and upscale facilities to switch the business strategy according to the market needs. With our software solution, your complicated business process became a can walk with our implementation of new innovations in the transport sector. Purchase our software tool that instantly takes your business to a different level than your expectation paving way to expand the on-demand taxi service to the next level.

Taxi Dispatch Software

Taxi Services Can Now Benefit from the Most Proficient Taxi Dispatch Software If you want to build a successful taxi service these days, you can’t ignore the potential advantages that high end taxi dispatch software can offer. Aside from its benefits of providing customers with a quick and easy way to call a cab, choose a destination and even pay the fare by just accessing an app on their smartphones, this software also provides businesses with a clear and accurate method of tracking transports, payments and performance more efficiently than ever before. With the help of this software, drivers can be dispatched to any location in the city automatically and in record time, taking human error out of the equation. Turnaround times will be drastically improved, and you won’t have to deal with customers who refuse to pay, since the payment system is completely automatic as well. Also, tracking and organization management tasks can be handled through the system, so that you no longer have to leave anything to chance or deal with any inadequacies. You can easily monitor the behavior of your drivers, as well as the preferred methods through which customers choose to benefit from your service, allowing your business to adapt and adjust in accordance with what the market demand may be and what the specific obstacles that stands in the way of your business expansion schemes may involve. Set your business on the path to success today! Get the best taxi dispatch software available on the market to ensure that both your drivers and your customers will benefit from smooth, fast taxi rides and an entirely enjoyable experience. Launch Your Taxi Dispatch Service By Getting The Taxista App If you want to start a taxi business and get more clients to turn to your services, then the Taxista taxi dispatch software is just what you need. With a ton of features and an easy to manage interface, this app can help you run a successful business in no time. This app is easy to use and it can work on any mobile device that is operating on iOS or Android. Clients can easily pinpoint their location where they want to catch a ride and the closest taxi drivers will be notified. Clients can also select the fare that has the best price, they can check the reviews of the drivers and more. You can also keep track of the rides, as well as the payment. That is because this app allows clients to pay conveniently online, so everything is secured while also eliminating payment-related discussions. Users can also rate the service and contribute to an ever-growing trust in your services. You get to simplify the process for clients and make sure everything goes smoothly and without any problems. Get the Taxista taxi dispatch software and provide quality services to your clients fast and conveniently, without the hassles of conventional methods! Here’s How To Provide Quality Services To Your Customers And Satisfy Their Needs With Taxista If you want to benefit from a single-point access and interface to run your taxi dispatch service, then Taxista is just what you need. With its increased functionality and ease of use, this app will help your clients get the ride they need at the right time and boost your business and credibility as well. So how does it work? Clients first need to download this app on their iOS or Android mobile phones. Then to obtain a ride they only need to geolocate their position using the map. Once they do that, the app will display all of your drivers that are close by. The client can then choose the driver based on reviews, fare rates and other considerations and then wait for a couple of minutes until the cab arrives. The best part about this app is that you eliminate the misunderstandings related to clients giving the wrong address or drivers missing the location. Since payment is done automatically via credit card, you also eliminate payment issues that could have appeared otherwise. So if you want to make the most out of your taxi dispatch company, then getting Taxista is definitely your best option which could drastically increase your profits. Taxista – A Taxi Dispatch Software That Will Help You Grow Your Business If you want to provide your clients with the possibility to order a taxi ride with a few taps of the smartphone screen, then you need to learn more about Taxista as well as the reasons to download this taxi dispatch software. With Taxista, clients can now order a cab ride in seconds. The process is simple and convenient and even older people can learn to use it on the go. They can use their smartphones to find a responsible taxi driver near them. With this app clients also get to see the estimated arrival time, an automatic fare cost calculation as well as reviews of particular taxi drivers. This app also allows customers to pay with their credit cards, cancel the booking, etc. They also get an advanced search feature which cab refine their search and make sure that they are getting the right service for the money. You will be able to locate passengers and taxis on the map, check up on payments and just make sure that your taxi service is running as smoothly as possible. Start a successful taxi dispatch firm and satisfy your customers by getting the amazing Taxista app.