iPhone/iOS App Development Company

What is iOS

It is said that to own an Apple product it is possible for the people who are from the luxury background. And it is obvious that the product is absolutely worth the money invested in it. There are quite a few popular products, which are sold by Apple on the online market and abroad.

At present, the one product, which the people are going gaga all over the place, is iPhone. It is a device, which is a prized possession of every teenager and youngster. Even though there are millions of people using the iPhone, most of us are not aware of the way the operating system of the device works.

Let’s go ahead and get some insight about what is iOS? In simple words, it is an operating system, which is used for mobile devices, which have been developed by Apple Inc. On the flip side, this particular operating system is not simple enough; it is quite complex but delivers excellent performance on various devices.

The user interface is said to be based on direct manipulation using multi-touch gestures. And it is controlled with the help of the sliders, buttons, and switches. Apart from that the gestures to use the device integrated with iOS are swipe, tap, pinch and reverse pinch as well.

There are specific applications, which use the internal accelerometers to respond to the shaking of the device to switch from the portrait mode to landscape mode and vice versa. Apple has been significantly appreciated for incorporating accessibility functions in the iOS for the differently able to use the device in a proper manner.

Why is iOS different from other operating systems?

When we consider mobile devices there are other popular operating systems like Android and Windows. Now, it is a fact that iOS is quite different from the rest of the two popular operating systems. And there are multiple reasons behind it, for it to be different and unique.

Android is Linux based and partially open-source as well and on the flip side, iOS is mobile-centric, as the latter is more like PC. There are a few prominent factors in both the operating systems for it to be differentiated from one another. Here are a few differences, which can different Android and iOS

Android vs. iOS
  • Android is easily customizable whereas it is not possible on iOS until jailbroken.

  • IOS is closed with open source components while Android is basically open-source.

  • IOS has widgets only in the notification center and Android has default widgets.

  • File transfer quite simple on Android and complex on iOS.

  • iOS is available only for Apple devices whereas Android is available on various platforms.

  • iOS is available in around 34 languages and Android is available in 100+ languages.

Reason to choose Casperon for iPhone/iOS App Development Company

Benefits of choosing Casperon as iPhone/iOS App Development Company

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Various versions of iOS

  • Right from the inception of the iOS, there have been various versions launched in the market. And at present, the available version is iOS 10 as the iPhone 10 has been launched in the recent times. It has been a decade now that iOS came into the existence and the world of mobile apps.

  • For every single version of this operating system, there have been improvisations made and the user interface has evolved to a greater extent. Apple has taken into account with every fall back, which it had with the launch of every version of the operating system.

  • The people at Apple have always strived to give a better product to the people who use the devices. IOS 1 was initially released in June 2007 and the latest version of the operating system which the 11th version iOS 11 has been released in October 2017.

  • It is said that this OS did not have an official name until its release, and it is also said that Apple ran Mac OS X specifically created for iPhone. When the operating system was launched, it had the name iPhone OS and was renamed as iOS in June 2010. And at present, the beta version 11.1 is launched and it will be released when the beta version is successful.

  • IOS 2 made the third-party applications available on the App store for the users to use it. And as the new versions were launched in the market, there were necessary changes made in the operating system as well. And it is said that not all the features were made available initially for the iPhone users as there were still in testing phase. Now, it is evident that iOS has launched the 11th version with a seamless user interface.

Customized iOS Apps

It is a fact that it is hard to customize the apps which are designed for the Apple devices. There are tech companies which do create iOS apps according to the requirement of the businessperson or entrepreneur. One of the undeniable facts that it is hard to customize an app when it is bound with iOS unless and until it is jailbroken.

There are tech geeks who specialize in creating apps according to the requirements that are designing and developing the apps in such a way that the requirement is fulfilled and there is no need for any king jailbreaking. They possess the expertise in creating the apps in a way that it is compatible with the operating system while fulfilling the requirement of the client as well.

Dedicated team of expertise

Our organization has professionals who have a sound knowledge to work for developing iOS apps with cutting-edge technologies. It is a fact that over the years there has been a huge amount of evolvement with operating systems. And our teams of experts have always been on the toes and have been keeping themselves updated with the latest changes happening in the world of technologies.

It is an obvious fact that when there is a particular iOS app or any specific kind of app is developed there is a complete dedication to creating it. And it is important to always have a backup plan to fall back on when there is a possibility of failure in the first attempt of testing the app and our team has always ensured with this particular fact. iOS has been making a great effect in the field of technology and mobile apps and it is the time that we have adapted ourselves to this change.