Asset Tracking Software

Asset Tracking Software is useful in tracking the movement of IT devices and software in an IT environment. IT is used by system and IT administrators for quantitative recording and physical monitoring of IT assets. It has the capability to scan the entire IT infrastructure.

Solutions in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on tools and equipment for delivering healthcare to patients. So, it is very essential for asset tracking software for efficient service delivery and control costs on equipment loss. Casperon’s Real-time tracking software helps in performing complete inventory audit and assigns each asset with unique identification numbers that facilitates easy management of assets by categorizing the assets, asset valuation, warranty years, information on manufacturers and other important information that is useful to manage assets over time. Asset life cycle management system helps to monitor the asset condition, scheduling maintenances and tracking costs of unique assets.

Solutionsfor Education

Our education inventory tracking software is helpful in tracking common education assets, such ad, documents, personal computers, audio and video equipment. This software is extremely useful for schools, colleges and universities to eliminate loss from lost or misplaced assets. Document tracking helps to track receipts, financial and legal records by helping the organizations to identify important files when needed. IT asset tracking helps to track all the assets via serial numbers and schedule maintenance to ensure that maintenance is not missed. It also helps to track IT assets across locations and record their movement, performance and schedules.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Fixed asset tracking helps you to understand and calculate the value of your fixed assets as their value varies from time to time based on length of usage, location, appreciation and depreciation. With fixed asset tracking software, you can easily calculate the value of assets by entering the code of the asset. They help in letting you understand the real value of assets, save time, reduce employee theft, improve budgeting, eliminate ghost assets, and locating he assets and users. Casperon’s Asset Management Systems has the best features, such as, Procurement, Space Management, Maintenance management, Inventory management, assessing real time value, Tracking and compliance.

Maintenance Tracking Software

The most important aspect on Online Asset Management Service is maintenance management. Proper tracking and assigning all the assets with unique identification numbers facilitates the organizations to check periodically on their maintenance schedules and arrange for periodical maintenance. This procedure allows the organisations to avoid unnecessary interruptions that arise from poor maintenance of assets and unexpected breakdown of machinery. In the event of breakdown, there is going to be heavy loss and unproductively that results in major loss to organizations. Casperon’s software is very effective in implementing maintenance tracking software that can manage thousands of assets in large organisations.

Asset tracking for hotel industry

Hotel industry includes many departments as part of running their operations. They include admin, finance, food and service, gardening, stationery and so on. Each of these departments need to maintain a lot of assets and inventory. So, asset tracking in hotel industry is very important to ensure that all the items that help a hotel to generate revenue are running fine and effective. The main areas of asset management include operational analysis to analyze where the assets are performing well and where they would need improvement. Property repositioning helps the hotel management to understand where the hotel is positioned both from brand and customer perspective. Casperon’s Web-Based Asset Tracking helps the hotel management to manage the inventory and assets of each operating department and helps them to earn maximum revenue.

IT Asset Tracking Software

IT asset management involves managing both software and hardware inventory in an IT environment. As the acquisition and maintenance cost is huge for IT assets, it is very important for IT teams to implement asset management software to ensure that IT organisational resources are effectively utilised. It assets include software licenses, infrastructure hardware, lease agreements, end-user devices that company owns, operational data, in-house developed software and other network devices and servers. Our key goals in delivering IT asset management service includes enforcing compliance as per corporate regulatory requirements, improving productivity, manage licensing by reallocating under utilized resources, eliminating overhead costs.

Why choose Casperon?

  • Process Automation

    Through smart asset management and monitoring the assets performance and analytic solutions, we help in identifying any potential failures and adopt predictive maintenance so that major interruptions are controlled and business processes are automated.

  • In-depth Reporting

    We provide in-depth report on assets performance, their location, where the assets are underutilized, real time value of assets, and other important information related to assets that help to increase the overall revenue.

  • Prevents Underutilization of Resources

    By valuating the assets and inventory utilization, it helps the organizations to identify where the resources are underutilized and put them to optimum allocation. This also prevents over investing in the resources that are already available but not being utilized.

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

    By implementing asset life cycle management and tracking, we help you to adopt periodical maintenance schedules and prevent any breakdown of machinery. Routine maintenance helps in maintaining the health of assets and thereby avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

  • Smooth-running of Operations

    By implementing Asset Tracking Solutions and asset lifecycle management, the operations of your organization are streamlined and ensures in efficient and smooth running of operations which increases the speed of production and eases performance.

  • Prevention of Accidents and Loss

    When assets are maintained and monitored periodically, the chances of accidents and loss are greatly reduced and can be controlled. This avoids loss in resources and human accidents which will have major impact on business.

  • Automated Reporting

    Through Casperon’s Mobile Asset Tracking, reports are scheduled with assets information, their performance, maintenance schedules and evaluation report from time to time and delivered to management so that it helps in taking critical decisions related to asset management.

  • Audit Management

    Our software generated asset management audit that helps you to understand the maturity of your organization in terms of asset management. It also lets you to adopt holistic approach in managing the life of physical asset.

Crucial Intelligence

The Asset Inventory Management from Casperon also generates critical intelligence reports if any of the assets requires immediate attention of management. This report helps organization to provide appropriate and in-time response to identify and act against potential enemy.

Agreement and Contract Centralization

Agreements, contracts and licenses are centralized for each asset in the organization by assigning them unique identification numbers. It is very easy to track the license and contracts and maintenance sheets of each asset just by entering this number.

Efficient Bookkeeping

Calculating depreciation is one of the aspect of asset life cycle management. By calculating depreciation in customizable methods, which helps in accurate and customized book keeping that helps the organization and accounting team to be insured.

Satisfied Inventory Needs

Our software helps you to maintain several kinds of inventory that your organization maintains. We also assist in advanced stock inventory that includes batch and serial-based inventory, inventory based on expiration date, and non-inventoried items.

Checkout Equipment

With the latest check-in and check-out feature for inventory, there is no more loss due to lost assets. This checkout module allows you to reduce equipment losses, write-offs, and over purchasing costs by clearly tracking essential equipment movement in the centralized location.

Message Notifications

We provide the capability with our software to receive periodical alerts and notifications through SMS and emails that lets your team to be updated on the information on assets and inventory. This feature lets your team to be aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Well-Managed User Access

Administrators have full access to control the level of access of the users that results in advanced user security. For example, a set of users will be assigned with the ability to accept transaction receipts but not issue the receipts.

Maintenance Management

Asset maintenance helps to track the condition of assets and decide whether to extend the lifetime. Maintenance management also helps in scheduling routine maintenances and perform the maintenance to maintain the sound health of assets.

Streamline Inventory and Accounting

Casperon’s Quickbook integration enables to streamline accounting process and inventory management using barcode scanners that automates the billing procedure, invoices and receipts. This helps to sync inventory levels and maintain accounting process easily.

Easy Data Import

The data import module helps you to import inventory and asset data directly to spreadsheets and simplifies that data import task either for a new user starting from scratch or transitioning from another system. Vendors, receipts, bills, stock numbers, product details, locations and other types of data can be imported.

Depreciation Tracking Capability

Calculating foxed asset depreciation is very important in terms of finances and having a depreciation calculator saves a lot of time and effort. Our depreciation calculating module is very customizable to calculate in several methods and help you track asset depreciation for accurate accounting.

Data Visibility

Multi-site allows users across locations to have data visibility to their required inventory stock without having to go through or connect to the master database. They will be able to sync data to location databases. The admin manages and controls the master and locations database.

  • Duration Tracking

    This feature lets you log and track the time duration of each and each inventory transactions. It also allows to track the resource attendance and working hours, generate asset utilization reports. This lets you know how long assets are utilized and underutilized and equipment condition on return after usage.

  • Transaction Authorization

    Every transaction is duly authorized to ensure that transactions are securely transferred and received. This speeds up the inventory management process ensuring that the appropriate workforce authorize the transactions. You can also set up the number of persons who need to authorize to process every transaction.

  • Accurate Shipping

    Shipping and packing is very important aspect of inventory management. Our software allows you to add detailed shipping details, package label verification and track every shipment. This ensures efficient shipping and packing.

  • Data Synchronization

    Our software provides multiple options for live data synchronization from database through wireless configuration. This reduces downtime and travel time. You will also have the capability to synchronize mobile transactions with the system.

  • Web Connectivity

    You can access the inventory and stock information of your organization from anywhere by connecting to your PC or smartphone. Tjis lets yu to be aware of your inventory reports and transactions and take care of any misusage or misplacement.

  • Unified Inventory

    Through our software, you can easily convert inventory to assets for accounting and tracking purposes. All this process can be managed in single machine which simplifies the process and avoid headache.

  • Organized and Synchronized

    By implementing active directory integration, you can easily integrate and import user account details without the need to dual management of accounts. You just need to log in, configure few settings and start to sync.

  • RFID Tracking

    Casperon uses Radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking technology feature to track the assets using RFID devices, chips and readers and tracking tags. This technology is best of class and considered to be professional and comprehensive.

Easy Tracking

Our software uses the best-in-class technology to provide an easy user interface that offers extensible solution for controlling and tracking assets. The solutions offered are highly secure, robust scalability and dependable.

Track by Person

Casperon’s software has the feature to track and perform the check in and check out of the inventory that is assigned to a person or location. This allows to establish a well-designed and simplified process to perform check out activities.

Order Management

To earn major revenues, it is very essential to manage the orders from vendors and with suppliers. This ensures that the orders are received and processed systematically and delivered in time.

Inventory Control

The major aspect and goal of our software is to deal with all the tasks that manage inventory flow and maintenance. Inventory control and management are very important for asset management of a company, and we deliver that through our software.

Job Costing

Each job must be classified and costed as per their nature and revenue they fetch. Our app has a customizable feature that classifies the jobs and help to increase the profitability.

Facilitates Communication

Through web reporting, notification alerts and instant report generation, management and assigned candidates are always aware of their roles and responsibilities and action to be taken. These features enhance communication.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Through improved communication, work order managements, information on assets, user data and other similar features, customers are delighted with our service as everything is transparent in their required channels.

Miscellaneous Cost Reduction

With proper tracking, periodical maintenance, critical reporting, any loses related to breakdown and failures are well controlled resulting in miscellaneous cost reductions and loss to the organization.

Dispute Handling

Our software provides 90% reduction in disputes through maintaining electronic document generation which gives 100% accuracy in inventory details and customer relationship management.


Improved accountability is very important for critical running of business through full stock traceability and reporting of inventory periodically. You can also track your resources and inventory through GPS.

Saved Travel Costs

Travel times are greatly reduced with better forecasting and filed workers paper work. Our map software optimizes the worker’s routes.

GPS Tracking

Our in-vehicle GPS tracking capability assists you track the locations of your employees. Users login and job completion can be tracked through stamping application.

Route Optimization

Our route optimization software incorporates traffic and route calculations to help you calculate accurate distance to job. This enables you to take better decisions on job assignment and planning.

Management of Contracts

Our software creates contracts with sites, assets and labor. This allows to fixlabor rates and discounts. You can also link a contract with a service.

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