PHP ~ Hyper Preprocessor

It is one of the predominantly used scripting languages specifically suitable for web development and it is an open source as well. Apart from that, the HTML code can be embedded with PHP to make the website to be more effective. The PHP is said to be enclosed with a special start and end processing instructions which allow the script to shift to PHP mode.

PHP is also side to be a scripting language which runs on the server and primarily used for web development purposes. Initially, PHP is said to have the acronym as “Personal Home Page” and now it has a recursive acronym as “Hyper Preprocessor”. Once it is embedded with the HTML or HTML5 markup it can be a combination of web templates, web frameworks, and web CMS.

The PHP code is interpreted by the PHP interpreter and is implemented as a module in the web server. And the web server combines the results of the interpreted code and generates it as the information or image on the website. PHP interpreter is said to be powered by Zend Engine and it is free software released under the PHP license.


Why PHP makes the difference

Even before PHP came into existing the internet has been still running with millions of websites with the usage of other programming and scripting languages. At present, it is said that there is around 80 percent of websites which work predominantly on PHP. This clearly shows the impact which this particular scripting language has made on the web.

What is that factor which this language holds that it has surpassed all the pinnacles in the languages used by the developers to develop and launch websites on the web? PHP is said to be the best language for web programming and there is a reason behind it when compared with the other languages used for the same purpose.

  • When we consider ASP it is not actually a language, the actual languages used to program ASP are Visual, Jscript & C#. This makes it limited to available on different platforms like Win32 based servers.

  • PHP is faster to load a website and can typically run on almost all the platforms while ColdFusion is said to have a restriction.

  • PHP is simple and easy for the developers while Perl is quite complex on the flip side.

The above can be considered as a few reasons why PHP is far better when compared to the other languages. There are a few factors to make PHP popular, it is faster, simple, compatible, flexible and has a great connectivity with the backend in the form of database.

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  • Custom PHP development

    Custom PHP development has emerged to popularity with the web programmers and there are various reasons for it. One of the prominent reasons why this is used, it is for the programmers to develop websites which are interactive, user-friendly and creative as well. PHP is flexible and powerful for the developers to develop the websites with complete ease.

    The platform is designed in such a way that it can accommodate all kinds of business expansions on the web in an efficient and effective manner. PHP frameworks are said to be seamless to work with and these include CakePHP, Symfony, and Zend frameworks as well. These frameworks are said to be helpful for the developers to design standard codes as well.

    There is a myriad of technologies to develop a website, but when PHP is considered it does outdo in designing and developing a website right from the scratch. This open source programming language performs well and is effective enough to create a dynamic and engaging website for various kinds of businesses.

    Industries that love PHP

    Web developers use PHP to make a simple and elegant website which promotes various kinds of business. Almost all the industries are into online business and the businesses which are trading through the web would like to have their websites to be designed in PHP, as it is effective, efficient, and cost-effective and loads faster as it runs on the server.

    The industry which is predominantly involved and loves to work in PHP is IT industry as the technologies are evolving exponentially; it is the time that the websites which are provided to the people are dynamic enough to have them engaged. And there is a specific reason for one to have a website developed in PHP as it will bring more traffic to the website apart from having it designed for SEO friendliness.

    At present, the technology has evolved to a great extent and the entrepreneurs want to have different mediums to be able to have their business flourish and one of the biggest medium is through a website. It is a fact that there are millions of people on the earth that surfing the internet every nanosecond and it is essential and crucial to have a website for one’s business to create profitable revenue.

    There are few programming and scripting languages which have been quite popular over the decades now and it is clear that they have become days of past now. It is the time that PHP is ruling the web and business are scaling up the heights enormously due to the latter’s seamless and effortless way of presenting the website. PHP is already a big thing in the industry, if you are planning to create a strong online presence with your website, then it is the time that you have it done in PHP.