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Automotive industry is going a major transformation in today’s world. In this rapid change and growth, IOT plays a crucial role in designing technologies that will enable this industry to draw a map to follow, and cope up with the ongoing transformation.

IoT for Automotive

Automotive industry is going a major transformation in today’s world. In this rapid change and growth, IOT plays a crucial role in designing technologies that will enable this industry to draw a map to follow, and cope up with the ongoing transformation. With IOT, Automotive industry can find new way to take up manufacturing challenges by implementing the techniques of technology providers to relate manufacturing processes and software-driven features. It also helps the industry leaders to build a broader and integrated brand image through connected technologies. To transform in better ways, the industry experts need to explore more in vehicle-specific software platform.

Internet of Vehicles

Inter-vehicle communication is an essential function for future evolution of automotive sector. This communication is a most essential component to IOV to facilitate interactions between vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to road, vehicle to devices and people. Each vehicle is essentially a smart object embedded with multi-sensor power objects, communication and connected technologies, IP connectivity, and inter-vehicle connectivity. This connectivity between vehicles ensures better communications between vehicles and improves road safety and efficiency.

Safer and Efficient Roads

With proper connectivity between vehicles and roads, there would be better message delivery and authorization in the network. This facilitates better communication between vehicles to vehicles and vehicles to road, thus increasing road safety and efficiency. With proper utilization of IOT technology, road risks can be controlled to a greater extent. The right deployment of multi-sensor objects combine with machine-learning analytics tools help us in analyzing information and enable decision making to make our roads secure. IOT also enables drivers to adopt safer driving habits by alerting them when they go over speed, indicating on wearing seat belt and guiding on acceleration.

Intelligent Transportation

Life becomes simpler when your vehicles are embedded with a swarm of sensors. This enables intelligent and safer transportation. The modern vehicles are all equipped with a wide range of machine-learned sensors that are used in detecting road conditions, air pressure, GPS, vehicle distance, speed and acceleration, fire detection, drive monitoring, rear view cameras, seat belt detection and so on. All these sensors help us to increase road safety and makes driving easy by timely detections of any road hazards. Apart from road safety, it also helps in maintaining and improving the vehicle health and performance. IoT data also ensures that road maintenance works are allocated with sufficient equipment and resources to improve dangerous road conditions.

Benefits of Connected Vehicles

Controlled Human Element

Through IOT and connected vehicles system, driver’s behavior is controlled to avoid him from rash and unsafe driving. He is alerted on wearing seat belt, acceleration over usage and over speeding, and other aspects that enable safe drive.

Health of Vehicle

With proper usage of sensors and analytical tools, vehicle’s health and maintenance ae periodically maintained through wireless connections which increase the performance of the vehicle.

Reduced Down time

When vehicles are embedded with engine diagnostic software and tracked through technology rather than manual checkups, it is easier to maintain your vehicle and it is guaranteed with no downtime.

Accelerated Performance

The performance of vehicle mostly depends on how you maintain it. IOT guarantees that vehicle is maintained at its best with its latest detectors and sensors, thus accelerating the vehicle performance.

Automatic Scheduling

This is one of the advanced feature of connected vehicles. In an urban city, this feature ensures optimum travel time by automatically diverting and scheduling the routes based on detected traffic and road conditions.

Ensures Vehicle Safety

When your vehicle is embedded with IOT technology, you have controlled driver behavior and vehicle performance that improves and ensures your travel and vehicle safety.

In-Vehicle Component Check

The technology that is embedded in connected vehicles checks the engine, break, mirrors, vehicle detection sensors and other essential component’s health to improve the vehicle’s performance and safety.

Accident Zone Detection

With the help of real-time autonomous accident detection design model, early detection of an accident is informed to the drivers in connected vehicles to save lives and wastage of resources.


Over Speeding Alerts

The speed detectors technology in the car alerts the driver on speed limits of a specific road to avoid fines and helps to maintain optimum speed for safe and secure travel.


Parking / fuel Efficiency

Connected vehicles also provide you with the information on choosing places that provide parking and fuel for best prices compared to others. This brings you cost savings on fuel and parking.


Instant Road Assistance

Connected vehicles are integrated with several roadside assistance providers to help you instantly while stuck on roads. This includes towing, assisting mechanical failures, insurance and others.


Internet Connectivity

A connected vehicle is enabled with Internet access and a wireless local area network to allow the vehicle to facilitate internet access with other vehicle’s internal and external devices.


Stop Signs

The intelligent transportation systems through connected vehicles alerts the driver from entering to dangerous zones. These stop signs at dangerous locations communicate with the in-vehicle system


Updating Software

The software for connected vehicles can be updated over the air, just like other connected devices. Manufacturers are implementing remote software update technology to satisfy their car owners.


Blocked Roads Alert

The big data analytics sends data on any blocked or closed roads so that the driver can quickly alter the road to avoid wasting time and fuel. This also lets the vehicle choose safest and clear roads.


GPS Tracking

With GPS tracking feature in connected vehicles, tracking of vehicles has become much more easy, economical and reliable. This enables scheduling, truck management and effective routing.


Warranty Details

The analytics on warranty is considered effective in automotive industry as it detects issues several days before than traditional warranty data. This is helping manufacturers improve quality and safety.


Zone-specific Alerts

Connected vehicles are also alerted on specific zones, such as, hospital, school and other such important places to assist the drivers adopt measures required to drive in that specific zone.


Emergency Assistance

You get in-time help for any kind of emergency situations, such as, car breakdown, accident or requirement of fuel. You will be guided to the nearest place as per your requirement with connected vehicles technology.


Traffic Management

Through big data analytics, the real-time sensors detect traffic in the areas that Connected vehicles are travelling and informs the driver on avoiding highly congested areas enabling them to manage traffic and time.


Professional Support

Our customer service team is very friendly and professional to help you 24*7 via chat, skype and phone to provide instant solutions to your problems.


Climatic Conditions

This feature has sensors to send information the connected vehicles on weather conditions in the areas that the vehicles is travelling to alert the travelers to arrange things based on the weather demands.


Efficiency Savings

Connected vehicles lets you have efficient drives and saves your driving costs as they integrate with other smart devices and guides you on things that saves fuel, power and energy.

why choose Casperon ?

Machine-Learning Capabilities

Casperon has integrated the vehicles with artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities with a wide range of sensors, connectivity and analytical methods to help automotive industry with rapid development.

Enhanced Security

Casperon has designed several safety-related features for connected cars to ensure safe drive to its customers. Several factors such as human element, road obstacles, car performance are all monitored with autonomous software.

Big-data Analytics

All our connected vehicle features such as GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance and safety, alerting on various aspects, and everything on artificial intelligence re all based on big data analytics and processing.

Cloud Deployment

With the new era of cloud-based generation, we use open-source cloud computing platform to process our data and solutions stronger, faster and reliable. This ensures us to deliver best-featured vehicle to customers.

Ease in Installation

We make our customer’s lives easy by facilitating ease in installation and upgradation process. We have incorporated remote installation services on customer’s demand.

Flexible Platform

We have adopted flexible designs to support our hardware and software platform to transform as per customer requirements and as change demands in the industry. With flexible approach, changings demands are met easily.

Better Connectivity

By delivering maximum connectivity to our customers, a unique experience is created to our customers inside the vehicle by keeping them connected with the outside world.

Music on the Go

As we have noticed a demand for in-vehicle music, we have incorporated services for streamlining music and on-demand music subscription to meet the in-car entertainment demands of our customer.

Skilled Analytics

It is all about how our engineers interpret and process data to deliver the best experience. All our features come in picture through predictive analysis and right data management.

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