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Fleet management software

Operating a fleet service is not an easy task, but with Casperon you can even make the impossible service into a possible one.

You might have ten to ten hundreds of fleet vehicles like vans or trucks or cars, and unable to manage the fleet operation from the logistics to maintenance and through the payroll and dispatch service. We have complete package that takes care of the services and requirements of running a fleet service irrespective of the size of the fleets. Instead of struggling with a pile of file cabinets and spreadsheet documents, our fleet management software manages all the aspects from the driver information, asset and maintenance management to the inspection.

The fleet service is combined with the mobile technology that makes the task simple and efficient. The location tracking system (GPS), support integration and other modern techniques are used in our mobile software making it easy for you run the fleet service without any chaos.

Fleet Management Software

Use Quality Fleet Management Software to Define Tasks Related to All Your Vehicles

With high quality fleet management software, you can improve your business’s potential for speed, productivity and organization without the need for expensive data management software or the use of several high grade tools for each type of vehicle you own.

Owning a fleet of vehicles is not easy, and tasks such as vehicle purchases and disposals, as well as maintenance, upgrades, restoration, dispatching, tracking, monitoring and reporting your vehicles need a lot of work and hundreds of hours lost in checking and double checking every activity.

With fleet management solutions, all these tasks can be conveniently handled through a single software tool designed to take care of all your data in record time. Available since the earliest forms of management software appeared on the market in the 1970s and 80s, fleet management tools have now evolved to ever more complex forms, and are available at a more affordable cost than ever before.

Schedule tasks and events, keep track of taxes and insurance rates, or introduce and manage various unique processes all these activities and many more can conveniently be taken care of with the help of the most reliable fleet management tools. Moreover, this software is equipped to be applied to virtually any types of vehicles from cars and pick-up trucks to large trucks and vans – making it extremely efficient, as well as flexible.

There is no better solution for managing a large fleet of vehicles than by getting the best fleet management software available on the market, and improving your business organization abilities and ROI in the process.

Here’s How You Can Manage Your Fleet Of Vehicles Better And Maximize Efficiency

If your business requires you to keep track of buying, selling, repairing or upgrading lots of cars and you find it difficult to keep track of what’s to be done and when, then you should get the latest Casari fleet management software and let it do most of the hard work for you.

If you are trying to make sense of all of this using multiple spreadsheets and software that is only making things more complicated, then this software is just what you need. You can integrate everything into a single interface where you get to see which cars are to be sold or bought, maintenance schedules, tax payments, etc. You can also check up on driver behavior and efficiency, fuel efficiency of the cars, orders from clients and a lot more.

This app also allows you to use your smartphone to coordinate all your efforts and make sure that each vehicle from your fleet is kept in the best shape possible. You also get to reduce the costs of operating the entire business as well as make things simpler for you, so get Casari to manage your fleet of vehicles and save time and money as well.

Casari Possibly The Best Fleet Management Software That Will Help You Save Money

If you want to make sure that all your cars in your fleet are maintained and coordinated as efficient as possible with minimum investment, then Casari is exactly the tool for you. This fleet management software comes with many nice features, allowing you to automate most processes and save up your time to deal with more complex aspects of logistics.

You can do things the simple way from now on. This software eliminates the confusion brought up by using different software and spreadsheets for various activities. You need to make sure that the best-priced cars are bought while the offers last, that your existing vehicles are serviced and that they pass all the inspections as well as make all payments on time. You also need to pay all the taxes, watch for fuel emission regulations and make the necessary changes and upgrades to ensure compliance and more. This software allows you to manage all of these processes from a single interface where you get a bird’s eye view of the entire fleet.

Do you need help with managing your fleet? Then Casari is just what you require to keep everything checked, maintained and up-to-date all the time, as well as to make sure all your cars benefit from the proper treatment.

Keeping Track Of All Vehicle Acquisitions And Repairs With The Casari Fleet Management Software

If you want to maintain all your vehicles in top shape and make sure you are ready to make repairs or transactions fast and effectively, then you need to know about the Casaro fleet management software and what it can do for you.

With this software you get help in managing anything from vehicle compliance and driver duties to costs, repairs, etc. You can use it to keep track on payments that must be made, vehicle inspections, registration renewals, driver’s health checks and more. You can greatly reduce the operating costs of running your business with this management software. By automating many processes you can save money you would have otherwise paid on extra employees, and the best part is that you can handle all the management duties by yourself if you want to and make sure you get a complete view of the business.

This software also comes with inbuilt security features, which ensures that all sensitive data is kept safe from prying eyes and that you have and security threats to deal with. So use Casari and manage your fleet of vehicles the easy way thanks to this innovative software.