Why do you need Fleet Management Software?
Fleet management software is a requirement for the organisations that rely on transportation for their business and minimise the liabilities to accomplice with the vehicle investment. The software will be of great help to manage the fleets across various industries simultaneously. It is the best solution for people to assign and accomplish the tasks effortless and coordinate well with the professionals as well. Fleetbip software is perfect for tracking, scoring and ranking the drivers; manage the maintenance of the vehicle, inspection of the vehicle and almost everything related to the fleet at one place.
Why choose Fleet Bip?
Fleet Bip is one of the best ever fleet management software as it possesses holistic features to handle all the aspects of fleets. This system is specifically designed and developed for the fleet to be managed. The software includes asset management, inventory management, work order management and preventive maintenance. This exceptional software will help the users to reduce the liabilities of their fleets and manage it in a phenomenal way. Apart from that Fleet Bip is effective and efficient to perform tasks and manage everything related to your fleet without any kind hindrances. This fleetbip software is the best when it comes to managing fleets in an effortless fashion.
Asset Management
A perfect place for you to manage all the information related to vehicle inventory, driver assignment, uploading documents and lots more.
Save time with an unprecedented inspection of the fleets through the mobile device, alert the drivers through notifications and ensure to abide by the rules enforced by the law enforcement.
Fuel Management
Each of your fleets needs a various amount of fuel and you need to keep a check on the requirement and the economy of it as well.
Contact Management
This feature is specially designed for you not to miss out any of the contacts that get in touch with you for your fleet.
Parts & Inventory
Manage the maintenance cost for the parts and usage with the inventory management system with records and tracking features of the parts.
Purchase Orders
This is the space for you to place the orders and purchase fleet supplies to control unnecessary spending and negotiate for better prices with the best quality.
Unlimited Users
Let everyone be a part of your venture, provide access to your professionals under your fleet and manage everything that is taking place.
Work Orders
Work orders are perfect for the fleets to understand the requirement and ensure nothing is missing out on fixing an issue or assigning a work.
Issue Management
At any given moment, try to deal the issue; the automated issue will report the information of the vehicle that needs an immediate inspection to fix the issue.
VIN Decoding
Simply enter the Vehicle Identification Number and retrieve all the information and have it stored on Fleet Bip within a fraction of a second.
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
Easily set reminders and schedules for the maintenance of the vehicles under your fleets. The remainders will automatically notify you for your vehicle maintenance.
Service History
Service made to the asset in your fleet in stored in Fleet Bip for your reference, it is one place for you to review the maintenance.
Vehicle Assignments
Schedule the vehicles of your fleet with Fleet Bip, one place for you to check the vehicles and drivers that are booked from anywhere.
Real-time cost per mile
With the help of Fleet Bip, you will be able to compare the expense for the vehicle based on the distance or time covered by it in real-time and manage.
Keep a complete track of all the vehicles under your fleet right from the moment of inception to the recent update of the report.
Issue Resolution
Any kind of issue with the vehicle can be updated on the software and the professional will work on it ASAP.
Real-time data & driver scorecards
Risks tend to happen when handling fleets, but you can minimize it while protecting the assent and the individual with Fleet Bip’s fleet safety.
Hardware. So many options.
For a fleet you can deal with high-value assets, laptops or mobile devices, our software is best suited for your hardware.
Are you wasting fuel?
With the usage of Fleet Bip fleet management software, you will be able to reduce the idling and bill for fuel consumption by 30% & 25%.
Rapid Return of Investment
Fleet Bip can help you uncover the hidden costs for you to gain potential productivity and efficiency for your Fleet and create a good amount of revenue.
Built-in telematics. Better data from day one.
Go ahead and add the new set of assets to your Fleet Bip account for you to manage the old and new fleets effortlessly.
Reduce driving violations
Reduce the premium for your vehicle insurance by tracking the safety measures followed and no ticket record maintenance by the drivers.
Automatic alerts
Fleet Bip allows you to set a list of business rules for the drivers to follow and if they go over the board, you will be automatically notified.
Driver scheduling
Check out which driver is free and which is assigned to a job and keep a track of the completed fleets and the pending fleets too.

Employee profiles

Have an access to the information of all the employees that work under your fleet and the drivers for your reference.


Driver Renewals

Be notified with alerts for licenses, certifications, and renewals for the vehicles under your fleet with the help of the software


Control access

Calibrate the permissions for the access to the assets and features of the vehicles under your fleet only to authorized personnel.


Fuel card integration

Say a goodbye to manual entry of the fuel receipts let the fuel cards be integrated with the system with the use of the software.


Telematics integration

Get the updates of the distance traveled by the vehicle through odometer, view the location and more with telematics integration.


iPhone & Android apps

Increase the productivity of the fleets with the apps from Fleet Bip for you to track and manage the jobs assigned to the drivers.


API integration

Don’t stop at one point, go ahead and use the information of Fleet Bip software on other third-party applications to increase your revenue.


Safety & Compliance

Ensure that the vehicles under the fleet are conducted with inspections to keep the quality intact and fix any kind of issues.


Trip tracking app

Don’t miss out on the driving of the vehicles; automatically track all the trips of the driver with the Fleet Bip mobile app on the go.


Route tracking

Keep all the information of the routes taken and the destinations reached by the drivers and the day spent by them with the software.



This is specifically designed for you to be able to take the report of every trip made by the vehicle and export the information to other mediums.


Geofence alerts

Never miss out on anything about the driver when they make it and move from certain locations with Geofence alerts.


Saved Places

Keep a track of the driver’s arrival and departures from the customer’s location or prominent locations in the vicinity and save the address for future references as well.


Driver Behavior Management

It is important that all the drivers under your fleet pursue safe-driving and influence them to follow the same with in-vehicle coaching instructions and feedback.


Robust Engine Data Reporting

FleetBip collects the information to the condition of the vehicle and everything related to it and responds with the status of the latter.


GPS Vehicle Tracking

Look out for the current location of the vehicles in real-time with the GPS tracking and stay up-to-date or check the vehicle where it was the last time.


Open Data Integration

Fleet Bip software is designed a way that you can have the privilege to vehicle and location data into the company’s operations.


Custom Mapping

Design the maps which are relevant to your fleet business which will be automatically combined with the vehicle information on the mobile application.

Track risky behavior

Track everything that the driver is doing behind the wheel while driving like using a mobile phone, aggressive driving, speeding, hard braking and accidents with the software.


It is true that you deal with many drivers and it is a good thing for you to rate them according to their performance and keep an eye on the improvement.

Save on insurance

Decipher the possible insurance savings based on the driving behavior of the drivers under your fleet and aim for a lesser premium.

Stop Speeding

With the help of the GPS tracking monitor and control the probability of vehicle speeding and stay safe on the roads while drivers are driving.

Map Replay

Fleet Bip is designed in a way that you will be able to track your vehicles from anywhere and have it replaced as well with an internet connection.

Driver ID

Identify the information of the driver and collect the data from start and end of the day, check for the driving behavior and more.

ELD Compliance

This is mandatory for the fleets that handle trucks; drivers need to log their service hours in order to stay compliant with the regulations to protect others on the road.

Part inventory management

Check out on the data for the essential parts, quantities in hand and order and everything related to the vehicle spares with this management system.

Easy-to-use work order system

A simple and elegant process for you to collect the information and update data related to the inventory, technicians, and supervisors for an optimal workflow.

Manage costs related to accidents

It is a fact that safety is a priority when fleets are involved and Fleet Bip allows you to track and analyse the vehicles on the go.

Integrate with other software

The data collected will allow you to have various kinds of direct integrations with other software and applications through exports and reports.

Service reminders

Do you think that you might miss out on the importance maintenance to be made for your vehicles? Then worry not Fleet Bip will send email notifications.

Fleet Administration

Fleet Bip will be of great help for you to administrate all the fleets and drivers under your fleet in a comprehensive manner.

Contract Management

A complete coverage for complex fleets to manage the administration with billing and servicing with the life of the contract with flexibility.

Tax Compliance

The tax engine in the software is built in a way that it can be configured globally across various tax jurisdictions and the service tax management.


A multi-format support for invoices is designed for entering the information of every billing under the fleet with Fleet Bip.


A one-stop to handle the cash application in real-time in a seamless fashion with a dashboard to track and monitor the fleets.


Bar-coding and handheld data

Just forget the days of manual data entry, go ahead and start using the most exceptional bar-coding technique for efficient collection of data.

Asset & Equipment Reservations

Manage all the information related to the assets and equipment along with its billing and stipulations conditions all at one place.

Vehicle & Equipment Management

Do not worry when your fleet is sent out on service, as Fleet Bip will be there for you to have all the access from anywhere and displays the records for you.

Hosting Services

Fleet Bip is here for you to make all the effort possible with its software system for prolific, reliable and versatile hosting service for your fleet.

Electronic logging

Do you think that you are missing the accurate hours of service? Electronic logging is the right option to get the most appropriate working hours of the drivers with the fleet.

Fuel card integration

A fuel card can go a long way for your fleets, keep an eye on the fuel consumption, savings made and control it with fuel card integration with the system.

PM scheduling

Schedule the time for the maintenance of the vehicles with the help of the Fleet Bip and be notified at the scheduled time to check for maintenance.

Issues reporting

Never give a chance for the immediate attention for a repair to be neglected, the software will send in automatic alerts for you wherever you are.

Service entries

A perfect software feature for you to be able to feed in the details of the vehicle service, costs and the receipts related to it.

Vendor overview

The tools have been specifically designed and developed especially for you to navigate through and have access to all the features.

Repair tracking

It is quite obvious that vehicle come across certain kind of repairs, report it through the mobile app and keep a track on the progress taking place with the fix.

Work orders

Administrate the work orders for the drivers for your fleets and ensure that the order is completed on time and updated with the help of Fleet Bip.

Labor summary

Keep a track on the ways the mechanics spend their day with your vehicles while fixing it and inspecting it to keep the quality intact..

Part usage

Over a period of time, the vehicle does go through wear and tear, it needs replacement, manage it from the app from anywhere.

Inventory management

Update the inventory with the new and existing stocks of the parts for the vehicles to keep the costs low and be pocket-friendly.

Maintenance history

Create personalized reports for you to have a glance at the properties and the performance, manage multiple residential as well.

Invoice and receipt storage

Ensure that all the invoices are attached to the software and add images too for you not miss out and know where to find them exactly for your reference.

Predictive maintenance

Create an outlook on the vehicle’s usage to schedule a timed maintenance to retain the quality of it and increase the productivity as well.

Purchase orders

Maintain the information for the purchase orders for the parts and the work orders given under the fleet and keep a track on it.

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  • About FleetBip - Fleet Management Solutions

    Operating a fleet service is not an easy task, but with Casperon you can even make the impossible service into a possible one.

    You might have ten to ten hundreds of fleet vehicles like vans or trucks or cars, and unable to manage the fleet operation from the logistics to maintenance and through the payroll and dispatch service. We have complete package that takes care of the services and requirements of running a fleet service irrespective of the size of the fleets. Instead of struggling with a pile of file cabinets and spreadsheet documents, our Fuel Management Solution manages all the aspects from the driver information, asset and maintenance management to the inspection.

    The fleet service is combined with the mobile technology that makes the task simple and efficient. The location tracking system (GPS), support integration and other modern techniques are used in our mobile software making it easy for you run the fleet service without any chaos.

    Use Quality Rental fleet management Software to Define Tasks Related to All Your Vehicles

    With high quality Fleet maintenance software, you can improve your business’s potential for speed, productivity and organisation without the need for expensive data management software or the use of several high grade tools for each type of vehicle you own.

    Owning a fleet of vehicles is not easy, and tasks such as vehicle purchases and disposals, as well as maintenance, upgrades, restoration, dispatching, tracking, monitoring and reporting your vehicles need a lot of work and hundreds of hours lost in checking and double checking every activity.

    With fleet management solutions, all these tasks can be conveniently handled through a single software tool designed to take care of all your data in record time. Available since the earliest forms of management software appeared on the market in the 1970s and 80s, managing a fleet has now evolved to ever more complex forms, and are available at a more affordable cost than ever before.

    Schedule tasks and events, keep track of taxes and insurance rates, or introduce and manage various unique processes all these activities and many more can conveniently be taken care of with the help of the most reliable fleet applications. Moreover, this software is equipped to be applied to virtually any types of vehicles from cars and pick-up trucks to large trucks and vans – making it extremely efficient, as well as flexible.

    There is no better solution for managing a large fleet of vehicles than by getting the Preferred Management System software available on the market, and improving your business organisation abilities and ROI in the process.

    Here’s How You Can Manage Your Fleet Of Vehicles Better And Maximise Efficiency

    If your business requires you to keep track of buying, selling, repairing or upgrading lots of cars and you find it difficult to keep track of what’s to be done and when, then you should get the latest FleetBip Vehicle Tracking Software and let it do most of the hard work for you.

    If you are trying to make sense of all of this using multiple spreadsheets and software that is only making things more complicated, then this software is just what you need. You can integrate everything into a single interface where you get to see which cars are to be sold or bought, maintenance schedules, tax payments, etc. You can also check up on driver behaviour and efficiency, fuel efficiency of the cars, orders from clients and a lot more.

    This app also allows you to use your smartphone to coordinate all your efforts and make sure that each vehicle from your fleet is kept in the best shape possible. You also get to reduce the costs of operating the entire business as well as make things simpler for you, so get FleetBip to manage your fleet of vehicles and save time and money as well.

    FleetBip is the Best All-in-one Fleet Solutions that Will Help You Save Money

    If you want to make sure that all your cars in your fleet are maintained and coordinated as efficient as possible with minimum investment, then FleetBip is exactly the tool for you. This fleetbip software comes with many nice features, allowing you to automate most processes and save up your time to deal with more complex aspects of logistics.

    You can do things the simple way from now on. This software eliminates the confusion brought up by using different software and spreadsheets for various activities. You need to make sure that the best-priced cars are bought while the offers last, that your existing vehicles are serviced and that they pass all the inspections as well as make all payments on time. You also need to pay all the taxes, watch for fuel emission regulations and make the necessary changes and upgrades to ensure compliance and more. This software allows you to manage all of these processes from a single interface where you get a bird’s eye view of the entire fleet.

    Do you need help with managing your fleet? Then FleetBip is just what you require to keep everything checked, maintained and up-to-date all the time, as well as to make sure all your cars benefit from the proper treatment.

    Keeping Track Of All Vehicle Acquisitions And Repairs with our cloud based Fleet rental software

    If you want to maintain all your vehicles in top shape and make sure you are ready to make repairs or transactions fast and effectively, then you need to know about the FleetBip GPS Fleet Software and what it can do for you.

    With this software you get help in managing anything from vehicle compliance and driver duties to costs, repairs, etc. You can use it to keep track on payments that must be made, vehicle inspections, registration renewals, driver’s health checks and more. You can greatly reduce the operating costs of running your business with this management software. By automating many processes you can save money you would have otherwise paid on extra employees, and the best part is that you can handle all the management duties by yourself if you want to and make sure you get a complete view of the business.

    This software also comes with inbuilt security features, which ensures that all sensitive data is kept safe from prying eyes and that you have and security threats to deal with. So use FleetBip and manage your fleet of vehicles the easy way thanks to this innovative software.