What is Node.js

Node.js is an event-driven one highly JavaScript development environment for both highly scalable network and applications that take place in real time. Node.js for development and deployment is considered as the flexible platform to work on with. The Node.js web application development can be used for any type of business whether it is small, medium or bigger one.If a person is planning to start a start-up business, this platform will be the best one.

The main reason is that a Node.js Development Company can aid you to scale immediately assuring that you do not have arduous time coping with the users. An unknown fact is that even PHP can also be used but the ability of Node.js has to handle a series of connections and hence it is a more compatible than the PHP programming.


Benefits of Node.JS development

Node.JS is easy to install and also execute locally. It is extremely inexpensive one and it is relatively easy to develop the real-time software systems. It contains high-speed native bindings. The most important feature is that here the code is entirely drafted in one language. On the other side of the flip, it can run on the different platforms which make it a different one from other open source technologies.


What are the features of Node.JS development?

The most important of Node.js feature deals with API including the real-time programming. One can build the rich web applications utilizing the Node.js. One of the major benefits of node.js is the lower level API. It has also a good set of area driven open source modules. Each and everything is an open source and the replication process is also an easier one.

Why Node.JS Development

Reasons to Choose Casperon for Node.js Development

Benefits of choosing Casperon as Node.js Development Company

  • Casperon does the projects on a fixed cost basis and based on your requirements.

  • Our developers work on the monthly basis as per your needs and convenience.

  • We provide an exhaustive analytic assessment throughout the project.

  • We work for the real-time applications too in addition to push capabilities.

  • We provide the management of code for both front ends as well as back end.

  • We provide you the deployment of highly scaled network applications.

  • With the aid of Node.js development, our developers work in the event-driven I/O and non blocking paradigm.

  • Casperon stands at the top position in handing of e-commerce websites.

  • We work for both server-side and networking application.

  • Our Casperon provides an expert team of Node.js development team.

Origin of Node.JS

Ryan Dahl was the one who worked with Node.JS initially. His target was to develop the real-time Node.JS apps with the potential capability. The real fact is that it was being urged by the Google apps. It is a software program developed on the Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. The usage of JavaScript program is an engaging one and useful for the custom software development. The entire node structure is an asynchronous one. This amazing platform has been around the year 2009 band it supports a list of Linux, OSX, and Windows environment.

It also owns a package manager and because of its fast growth, it has been reached its version 7. This one can be used in different kind of projects either it is a tiny micro service or a gigantic server. It has earned its fame and perfectly a versatile piece of technology and has a gigantic set of existing libraries. The setting up process and the installation is an easier one and it runs both in the traditional server environment and in a continuous integration system. It is a plain old JavaScript. One can save a huge amount of time, amount.

One can actively participate on the fresh site which is a learnable one. One can participate in all the skill level tests and can learn about the new concepts of techniques and the concepts. The videos and the blogs are always available in online and there is no need of worrying about the offline option. The users can get all the necessary source code and start creating their own apps with the aid of the benefits of JavaScript’s capabilities.


A brief description of the technology used

An interesting fact is that node.js development is an asynchronous vent driven one which is a JavaScript runtime. It does not process any common currency model with threads. There is a development issue generally caused by the threading, but this node.js platform processes it and makes the scalability easier one. The multi-core process does not remain idle one and it is possible to spawn the child processes and the communication is made possible to API. The integration with the cluster module the possibility of the load balancing over several cores is made an easier one.

different versions

What are the different versions available in Node.JS?

There are several apps that run on the major versions of Node.js. There is a list of versions available such as 6.10.2, 7.9.0 and 8.0.0. The initial version has about ninety-nine percent of the support for the features of ES2015, and hundred percent support for the features of ES2016; whereas it covers only twenty-three percent for the features of ES2017. The latest version is under the development and hence it is not suitable for the production issue. One can check for the node. Green for any updated information on the support of various ES standards. The versions will evolve and so the technology will also evolve, Node.js will be the big thing.