Agriculture the main backbone and without it, we cannot survive. IoT also plays an important role in the field of agriculture and it also leaves a great way for the folks to bring a smart farming solution. It encompasses the vehicle tracking, livestock monitoring, storage monitoring and so on. With the aid of the soil sensors, the alert notification such as the higher acidity and the irregular conditions can be sent to the farmers. At the same time, the self-driving tractors can be controlled easily and also provide the important savings in the field of the labor costs.


The Automotive industry is on the top of the peak as the updated technology brings a greater move to both the manufacturers and the drivers. Internet of Things has brought a huge change by introducing several layers to the concept of the traditional car system. At present, the automotive industry has earned a good fame subjected to the IoT when compared to the other industries. A huge IoT component is provided in order to broaden the car applications and also to ensure a fine integration between the separate modules of the automotive industry within the integrated cloud environment.


The Internet of Things has taken our world into a realistic one and it can be used to develop new services, increase the productivity, efficiency and at the same time to improve the decision making systems in the real time. From the device to the available data center there is a list of solutions available in order to support the vertical markets including the industrial control and the energy where the devices operate in the different domains along with the extreme temperature including the safety requirements. There is a greater flexibility is available in order to enhance the security process, a good customer service including the establishment of the new business models and the services.

Smart Retail

In the present era, most of the retailers are using the several Internet of Things solutions for a list of applications in order to reduce the theft, enhance the purchases, enable a clear inventory management and the most important factor is to increase the consumer’s shopping experience. At the same time, the IoT retail solutions can help the folks to have a detailed data and also to make a clear decision on each and everything. In other words, it can be said that it stands as the backbone for a list of smart retail services and it makes easy for the folks to buy huge one while saving the precious money.


The Internet of Things has the capability to transmit the operational data to both the manufacturers and the field engineers. Thus the management of the factory units is possible and it also takes the benefits of the process automation and the optimization. Due to the usage of the IoT sensors in the field of the manufacturing equipment, the alert notification can be given. A list of the critical machine tools is designed in such a manner to perform at the certain temperature along with the vibration ranges. From the node to the root; beginning from the refining process to the packaging of the products is possible due to this gigantic concept of IoT.

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