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On-demand Food Delivery App scalable with Customer App, Partner App, Restaurant App, Admin Panel.

About Food Delivery Software - DineDoo

With our food delivery application Customers can find the restaurants around their location, browse the menu, add to cart, pay and track the  delivery in their application.  Our application includes customer web & mobile application includes iOS and Android, driver web & mobile application includes iOS and Android, restaurant web & mobile includes iOS and Android application and fully featured Admin Panel. It is entirely white label to put whatever brand you want. We will do the rebranding and launch the application online.

Food App Software - How it works

How it works

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category

Add menus into cart, checkout and pay (online)

System will auto dispatch the order to nearest partners. Partners, once accepted will move to restaurant. Meantime, restaurant will prepare & pack the order

Partner arrived and picked up your order

Partner delivered order at your location

Ratings and reviews

Food Delivery Script - Features

  • Log in with social media
  • Search restaurant in nearby location and cities
  • Search and book based on cuisine
  • View available restaurants
  • Special Instructions
  • Multiple categories
  • Contact partner
  • View and update cart
  • Update profile
  • Forgot password
  • Change password and logout
  • Share & earn
  • Notifications
  • Live order Tracking
  • Favorite List
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Food order history
  • Partner online/offline Status
  • In app navigation
  • Update bank details
  • Job history
  • Contact customer
  • Feedback
  • Profile settings
  • Forgot password
  • Change password and logout
  • Update current location
  • Complete order details
  • Restaurant online/offline Status
  • Update the order status
  • Complete responsive website
  • Update bank details
  • Driver auto dispatch
  • Complete earnings history
  • Menus and orders
  • Change password and logout
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Add and manage the menus
  • Manage the orders list
  • Add and manage categories
  • Complete responsive design
  • Add and manage banners 
  • Manage email templates
  • Restaurant list management
  • CMS management
  • Manage orders lists
  • Update the order status
  • Advanced settings of web & mobile applications
  • Social media management
  • Roles and moderators management
  • Location management
  • Reports and Analytics of orders, return orders
  • Commission settings
  • Notifications
  • Site Earnings
  • Add and manage partners
  • Assign the orders to partners based on availability, short distance and time
  • Coupon Code management
  • Cancellation Reason
  • Ratings Management

Food Delivery Software System

As the world is heading towards a new era which is modern, vibrant and fast, so do the people who live in it. People are so dynamic and vibrant; they need everything in a snap. And even more, many are not willing to wait for a long time. Food is one of the main things where people lose their patience, especially when it comes to waiting for prolonged hours. Food delivery management software is designed to order their favourite food online and to get it delivered anywhere the customer wish. And also they can pay online or manually at the time of delivery. This software can be installed in mobile phones and can be used whenever and wherever the user wishes. Our On-Demand Food Delivery Script is very user-friendly and simple to use. And the applications will let you check all the items and dishes they sell and also to rate it.

DineDoo is one such food delivering software application where people can make use of it to order food through it and can get it delivered home. This Delivery Management Software application is supported by both Android and iOS operating systems. Let's first take a look at what e-commerce is, e-commerce is a concept of taking a business online and reaching out the customer directly. The customers can directly purchase goods and can pay for it, the product may be anywhere in the world but if the customer wishes to buy it can be shipped to the customer's home. E-commerce is indeed taking place everywhere in the market, many customers are fully satisfied with the introduction of the e-commerce. Taking a business online will help the owner make more profit and to reach the business everywhere. E-commerce has turned into a lifeline for many businesses nowadays, and many businesses that aren't stepped into this technology are slowly losing their customers or risking their businesses by allowing their customers to experience other businesses. But our Food delivery solution DineDoo helps the users to have an ease of access in ordering food and also in payments. Keep reading to explore more about DineDoo food delivering the app.

Many of the food ordering applications are known for coming in handy for the customers when they really need the use of it. Food ordering applications often come with different modules for their respective uses. Many of the software in the market are in a competitive mode. Each has its own pros and cons. But DineDoo has been designed by keeping the end users in mind; this is really a user-friendly application. The user has to download the application and have to install it in their Smartphone. The users have to register themselves by providing some basic details into the Multi restaurant delivery Software application, like name, address, email, phone number and other such non-sensitive data that are later used to assist the users when it comes to providing services to them. The user can track down the orders that they made using their account. And it has never been easier to order food through online, that too through a mobile phone. The reason why many of the businesses are shifting to e-commerce is, a mobile phone has become a basic need for everyone, and it is really compatible for everyone to carry along and even kindergarten kids can use it easily.

The directions for using this application is very simple, if anyone wants to know from the scratch, then the process of these Turnkey Food Software applications are really simple. The first one has to enter his details in the application, and then by making use of the category and location bar, users can filter out the number of shops that are present in the application. The category section in our Food delivery software will let the user know what are all the cuisines are available in the business. If the user wants to order Italian cuisine, then the user doesn't have to search each and every restaurant to know whether they offer Italian food or not, a simple click on the Italian category button will make the user reach all the restaurants that serve Italian food. Just like when anyone visits a supermarket, they always tend to take a cart with them to put their desired items into it and head to the billing counter. Even here there is an option called cart that is used to add items the user wish to buy and can proceed to order by either choosing COD or online payment. After payment, the food will be delivered to the customer by delivery personnel. This Food Delivery Route Planning application has become a boon for both the customers and the restaurants.

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