One of our milestone works!

1.5 Million




Our initiative clearance

Our board of members Mr. Suresh & Mr. Kapil represented in the TFL meeting to clear verification for outsourcing and also they have undergone complete UI analyzes in a gradual depth way to get a perfect result.

Reputable clients

one of our clients is Mr. Imran, a Pakistani and Mr. Thujee, Srilankan of Miwhip services, who made a business deal with us in the year 2016 January where it was started as a clone but later it became developed.

At the end of august 2016

We provided entire documentation for them to precede further progressive steps in their working space. At the end of august 2016 Miwhip got licensed to get in their professional work.

Enhanced transparency

In Casperon, we build software and mobile app development we outsource our end product to various clients who approach us for their benefit. One of those products is a Cabily clone similar to Uber with various added features over an interacting service, live panel features at an economical price.

Resolving Approaches

By the end of November 2016, we enabled three of our expert staff to onboard on client working areas to arrange them with our working mode and making flexible options to handle them with proper communication to avoid unwanted issues.

Expecting Product

As they are attracted by our innovative platform, they visited us in March month of the same year. Our purchaser is impressed by the approach of our professional team by the way their expecting product was explained to them.

Milestone and Upcpming year

In end, we as a team reached a live customer of nearly 70,000 users engaging with Miwhip through successive reviews of 1 Lakh downloader along 10,000 drivers. And for time being it is just kept in hold regarding license renewal with a hoping result we will deal for further business approaches in the upcoming year 2020.

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