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If you are looking to broaden your business on the mobile market by establishing a mobile e-commerce solution, Casperon is the best place. We offer you with various mobile e-commerce solutions based on your business sector and target users. We have implemented the high-end advancements in the tool that are personalized according to the market trends and preferences and are designed with reliable plug-in tools that are apt for the e-commerce market.

With the increase in the population of the mobile users, we have designed the mobile solution that is accessible on all the different platforms like the Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices. The versatility of our mobile tool is the combination of the secure connectivity, analytics data and the monetization solution that leads to quicker returns in the business. Start generating your business profits by purchasing our mobile software solution.

About Mobile Ecommerce Software

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with the Best Instant Mobile Ecommerce Solution As more and more businesses have begun implementing high end online marketing and e-commerce solutions, the world of mobile e-commerce has become the new center stage in the business world. Millions of smartphone users from across the globe have begun to realize the convenience of using their mobile devices to shop online. As a result, new, highly advanced mobile e-commerce solutions, such as the versatile mobile app developed by Casperon Technologies, are now the most practical option for any business looking to expand to new horizons, improve its income, and overcome its competitors. A Revolutionary Take on Mobile Ecommerce Casperon Technologies has recently launched the perfect tool for businesses looking to leverage the remarkable advantages of the mobile market. This high end solution was designed as a highly advanced, all-inclusive package based on WooCommerce one of the most popular and reliable WordPress plug-ins designed for e-commerce solutions. The e-commerce package will allow you to benefit from a number of exceptional advantages that can propel your business to the top. A fully functioning, ready-made website that packs all the most important features of WooCommerce, while being completely customizable and easy to adjust to your business’ most significant needs; An iOS based app that iPhone and iPad users can easily download to keep up with your company’s best deals and offers. An Android app that will help you get even more clients and increase your coverage on the mobile market. A vast array of features that will allow you to personalize your website and perform a number of tasks essential to mobile ecommerce, such as integrate real time notifications, add maps, monitor mobile traffic and load geolocation based products with ease. You will find that, with the mobile e-commerce software developed by Casperon, you can easily configure your website and apps to create a unique mobile outlet that all your customers will love. This revolutionary turnkey package will also provide you with the analytics data, secure connections and complete monetizing solutions that will allow for remarkably fast returns. Mobile Commerce Business Advantages Many people have been praising the advantages of mobile e-commerce software in recent years. But what are the real business advantages involved, and how can a system such as the one provided by Casperon help improve your business’ growth potential and ROI? One of the main answers to this question definitely has to do with the fact that shopping on mobile devices can be a far less time consuming and more convenient endeavor. Customers are no longer bound to their desktop computers or even their laptops, for that matter when they want to make a purchase. All they have to do is access the website or mobile commerce app from a smartphone or tablet, and they can get to the product they want to buy within minutes, whether they’re at home, at work or outside of town. Another advantage has to do with better access to product descriptions and pictures. Visiting one of the physical locations of your stores may not provide your clients with all the information they seek, but through the Casperon mobile app, or by visiting your mobile-enhanced website, they can have full access to all your products and conveniently order them through a secure mobile channel. Finally, most people don’t have time to visit your store during regular hours due to extended work periods, and some don’t have access to a computer, especially if they are constantly busy and spend an exceeding amount of time away from home. Under these circumstances, buying through a mobile commerce app is the best course of action you can provide them with. Mobile Commerce (M-commerce) vs. Ecommerce Some might argue that regular e-commerce websites might provide the very same advantages as mobile apps and responsive e-commerce websites. However, this isn’t entirely true, especially when it comes to the way in which many e-commerce sites behave on browsers run through mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. First of all, let’s define the main qualities of both mobile and e-commerce software. Ecommerce solutions allow users to buy through a website that may or may not be configured to work well on mobile devices. Mobile e-commerce solutions, on the other hand, are designed to allow for the easy purchase of products through any kind of mobile device that can be connected to the internet. M-commerce, unlike ecommerce, is not bound to a single location. Tablets and mobile phones are compact and portable, so mobile solutions for commerce are designed to take that into account, providing the best online metrics for buyers who are on the move. Geo location services can be employed to track a buyer’s location and provide information on the closest outlets or the most ideal products they can obtain access to from their temporary location. Many people may also like to access their favorite retail websites both from their phones and computers. With most e-commerce solutions, this isn’t possible, but mobile e-commerce websites like the complete web solution made available by Casperon can be accessed both through mobile and desktop devices, for a much more convenient shopping experience. Main Features of the Mobile Ecommerce Software The mobile commerce package provided by Casperon Technologies has a variety of versatile and practical features that will help you set up a powerful set of tools for your mobile business in no time at all: The completely customizable, readily created website features multi-language configuration options, a highly secure online shopping cart, support for automatic taxes and shipping rates, SEO-friendly design and dynamic web functions. You can use the website’s settings to easily set up a refund panel and adjust product integration and analytics as you see fit. It allows for unlimited products and categories, while offering graphical traffic monitoring and Google Analytics integration support. Multiple payment gateways and multi-currency options are available for you to make the buying process for all your clients much more convenient. The mobile commerce apps have a highly attractive design, and feature many practical options, such as real time and push notifications, social logins and signups, geolocation-based product loading and native iOS and Android functionality. Import/export products and users can also be added quite easily, in case you want to use the system for international retail. Additional options also include the ability to add a blog, favorites and a fully customizable newsletter. There are very few limits to what you can do with this remarkable mobile e-commerce software, and many business owners who have already used it claims that its numerous options far surpass those provided by other M-commerce developers. Ecommerce Development Innovations from Casperon Using the most powerful innovative solutions and services from Casperon goes well beyond readymade mobile e-commerce software. The company has been active in the development industry for years, offering both turnkey and customizable solutions that can provide you with websites, mobile apps or services geared toward transforming your existing site into a fully featured e-commerce website. The professional team of developers at Casperon can analyze your business’ specific requirements and provide you with the precise types of solutions you need, whether you want to dazzle your clients with a beautifully designed retail website that works just as well on mobile devices and desktop computers, or you’re more interested in improving your analytics efforts and providing more convenient options for customers in targeted geographic locations. With advanced solutions such as the mobile commerce app and professional services for integrating only the required e-commerce features to your already existing website, you will be able to find the ideal set of features and options for launching a truly powerful online and mobile marketing campaign. Improving Your Returns The ultimate goal of using any types of mobile e-commerce solutions is to make more sales and improve your overall returns. The turnkey tools offered by Casperon are geared precisely toward this endeavor, and can make it possible for you to obtain higher ROI and expand your business much faster than any other software currently available on the market. With the mobile e-commerce software and mobile-enhanced website offered by Casperon, you can set up your custom strategy for making more sales. You can choose between targeting buyers from a single or multiple locations, or simply optimize your retail options for nation-wide and global coverage, so that anyone interested in your products will be provided with the same results. Due to the ease of use, high level security and remarkable simplicity of your M-commerce system, buyers will prefer purchasing products through your website and apps, rather than turning to your competitors. Also, through the advanced analytics tools integrated in your e-commerce website, you can easily find out exactly which part of your campaign has been more successful over a determined past period of time, and adjust your strategy accordingly. With the best solutions for mobile e-commerce at your disposal, you can completely transform your business, improving your returns far more quickly than ever before by leveraging the remarkable advantages offered by the mobile market through the easy to use, convenient and highly versatile M-commerce solutions made available by Casperon Technologies. Get the Perfect Tool for Launching Your Mobile Ecommerce Activities Mobile marketing and e-commerce have become extremely popular in the past 2-3 years alone, and with the competition gaining higher ground with the use of mobile apps and e-commerce websites, you need a better edge to make sure your business gains more sales, better returns and more satisfied customers. Our solution for mobile e-commerce comes in the form of a complete, readymade package based on WooCommerce – the most popular WordPress plug-in for e-commerce websites. We can provide you with the following: A readymade website fitted with all the most essential features of WooCommerce and ready to be customized in accordance with what your business needs. A powerful, user friendly mobile app designed for the iOS platform, so that clients using Apple devices can find you and your best deals more easily; An equally versatile mobile app for Android to consolidate your grip on the mobile market and attract more Android users to become your customers. Leveraging the remarkable advantages of mobile e-commerce just got a lot easier with our leading edge, affordable turnkey solutions that can be set up and configured instantly to start generating profit for your business. Contact us today, and you can benefit from your very own instant website and mobile apps to start promoting your deals and expanding your business faster and more efficiently than ever before.